Wire Baskets Offer Versatile Yet Strong Shipping Container Solutions

Wire Baskets are sturdy storage containers that are constructed out of heavy duty wire mesh. These containers have rigid, but open sides that offer a great deal of product protection with high visibility. They are often used by businesses as storage containers for fragile goods and work in progress while others use them as protective shipping containers for heavier products that have a long distance to travel.Rigid Wire Basket
Wire baskets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and offer either rigid sides or collapsible. Collapsible wire baskets offer very flexible in terms of the situations they can be used in. Some businesses even add casters to the bottoms of the baskets in order to allow for greater ease in the movement of products from one area of the warehouse to another.
Wire baskets offer flexibility in terms of customization more than other forms of storage Collapsible Wire Basketcontainers in that they offer businesses a number of options including: collapsible, drop doors, stackable, mesh walls, the gauge of steel used, the load capacity, and the size of the container.
Many businesses seek the versatility and protection that wire baskets offer however, they can be cost prohibitive to purchase new. At Container Exchanger, these highly sought after storage containers are priced less. They can do this because they offer businesses the ability to purchase these containers used, saving them a ton of money over buying new. Businesses looking to purchase used wire baskets can peruse the site regularly in order to locate the wire basket that fits their needs. Companies with wire baskets to sell can contact Container Exchanger and list an as or receive a list of companies looking for the particular wire baskets they are trying to sell. Container Exchanger has a network of businesses that buy and sell used wire baskets all over the country, so they can locate a buyer or seller for the wire baskets you have or need.
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