What Is Palletizing and How Can It Make Warehouses Run Faster?

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Pallets are the backbone of any warehouse. They help you stack, ship and store your products safely as they make their way to their destination. If you’re new to pallets, you might be unfamiliar with the term “palletizing.” Essentially, this means getting your products and merchandise ready for pallet transportation. Simply strapping your containers to a pallet isn’t enough. You should take a moment to make sure the package has been prepped for the journey ahead. Continue reading

What Is Contract Manufacturing and How Can It Help Food Manufacturing?

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We have all hired a contractor at one point or another. We’re used to hiring a third-party to clean our house, fix our kitchen sink or provide IT support. But what about the manufacturing process? A new trend known as “contract manufacturing” is exploding in popularity across a range of industries, most notably food and beverage processing. Some of the world’s largest producers and sellers of food are starting to work with independent producers as a way of jump starting their inventories. Continue reading

Discrete vs. Process Manufacturing – Different Operations for Different Industries

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Discrete and process are considered the two main types of manufacturing. Both are used by different industries and result in different approaches to production. Some companies may use a combination of the two, but it all depends on the product in question and how it’s made. Let’s explore the differences between discrete and process manufacturing and what they mean for the workplace. Continue reading

Is Dropshipping Worth It? 4 Things to Consider Before Implementing into Your Automotive Manufacturing Business

is dropshipping worth it consider automative business

The automotive industry continues to evolve in the age of the internet. Consumers used to buy their cars right off the lot, but more people are starting to purchase vehicles on their phone or laptop. Recent statistics show car shoppers tend to do a lot of research online before making their final decision so they might as well complete their order with just a few clicks. From specialty parts and accessories to new and used models, drivers prefer the convenience of online shopping.  Continue reading

What Is Reverse Logistics? 10 Things You Need to Know

what is reverse logistics 10 things you need to know

When it comes to the supply chain, companies tend to overlook a crucial component of their business: reverse logistics, or the idea of the end user sending products to a new location or back to the original manufacturer or vendor. In layman’s terms, this is what we’d typically call a return. If the customer isn’t satisfied, they will send the product back for a full refund.  Continue reading

What Is a Warehouse Management System and Can It Improve Your Supply Chain?

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A warehouse management system (WMS) is quickly becoming essential in today’s supply chain industry. A WMS is a piece of software that guides the day-to-day functions of your facility, including order tracking, shipping and receiving and inventory management. Instead of manually reporting and tracking orders, the system will help you automate this process, enabling you and your team to focus on the task at hand.  Continue reading