How Is Oil Transported? A Full Guide

How Is Oil Transported A Full Guide Humans have been using crude oil to light fires, grease machinery and power civilization for thousands of years. Oil fuels virtually every i Continue reading →

How to Ship a Pallet: 6 Tips

Pallets are one of the most common methods utilized across industries to ship items. Shipping via pallet lets you securely keep products together while also eliminating the high costs of shipping items individually. At Container Exchanger, one of our biggest sellers is the Continue reading →

Air Freight vs Sea Freight: What Is Right for My Business?

Air Freight vs Sea Freight What Is Right for My Business Which shipping method is better for your business, air or sea freight? To determine this, you mu Continue reading →

How to Ship in Bulk for Various Industries

When it comes to shipping in bulk, there is no single right way to do it. The best way to ship will vary depending on the product being shipped, the destination and the industry involved. In this article, we'll look at some of the most common ways to ship in bulk for various industries. Continue reading →

5 Cargo Theft Trends to Be Aware of When Shipping

According to the FBI, cargo theft encompasses a vast range of potential crimes, from stealing commercial freight shipm Continue reading →

Can You Ship Liquids? Here’s How the Food Industry Does It

Can you ship liquids from within the U.S., either domestically or internationally? The shorter answer is yes; the longer answer is it depends on what type of liquid it is and where you're shipping it. You also need to make sure you use the right dru Continue reading →

Inbound vs Outbound Logistics: Understanding Logistics at Both Ends

Inbound vs Outbound Logistics Every company should be familiar with inbound and outbound logistics. They are essential components of the global supply chain. Virtually every facili Continue reading →

Steel Shipping Best Practices: Shipping Steel Equipment, Materials and Logistics

a pile of steel beams in selective focus Steel is among the heaviest materials on the planet. Manufacturers and fabricators should consider a wide range of options when shipping their p Continue reading →

What Is CIF in International Shipping?

Aerial view container cargo ship

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Answering International Shipping Questions: What Is FOB?

Closeup of worker hand holding clipboard

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Calculating Shipping: How to Estimate Freight Costs for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

foreman looking at shipping containers

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Freight costs tend to vary rapidly throughout the supply chain industry. The total c Continue reading →

What Is Cross-Docking and How Does It Help with Supply Chain?

what is cross docking how does it help supply chain Today’s products and goods are moving faster than ever before, thanks to what’s known as cross-docking. Continue reading →

Is Dropshipping Worth It? 4 Things to Consider Before Implementing into Your Automotive Manufacturing Business

is dropshipping worth it consider automative business The automotive industry continues to evolve in the age of the internet. Consumers used to buy their c Continue reading →

What Is Reverse Logistics? 10 Things You Need to Know

what is reverse logistics 10 things you need to know When it comes to the supply chain, companies tend to overlook a crucial component of their business: re Continue reading →

6 Essential Food Safety Regulations for Distribution Centers and Warehouses

potatoes being boxed for grocery store sale When it comes to running a food distribution center or warehouse, sanitation needs to be top of mind. The stakes are much Continue reading →

4 Tips to Improve Automotive Warehouse Efficiency

Car doors Long gone are the days of aftermarket parts catalogs and massive showrooms that cater to everyday drivers. Today’s automotive industry lives largely online. Customers prefer buying replac Continue reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Shipping Barrels: Types, Uses and How to Choose the Right Storage Drums

guide to shipping barrels choosing right storage drums If you need to ship large quantities of liquids, chemicals, industrial solve Continue reading →

The Best Packaging and Shipping Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation The cannabis industry shows no signs of slowing down here in the U.S. As more states choose to legalize both medicinal and recreational mar Continue reading →

Comparing Different Types of Containers: A Definitive Guide to Decide Which Is Best for Your Needs

comparing different containers guide to decide When it comes to shipping and storage, it all starts with the right container. They keep your Continue reading →

Efficient Cross-Docking Strategy Tips: Loading Shipping Crates Properly, Staying Organized and More

Entrance to a huge warehouse with metal rack In the warehousing and logistics industry, many companies are turning to what’s known as cross-docking to improve eff Continue reading →

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Collapsible Containers

container exchanger collapsible container Bulk collapsible containers are perfect for long- and short-term storage. They tend to be more affordable than other types of storage containers, while still Continue reading →

8 Tips for Preparing Your Shipping Crates for Transport During Hurricane Season

hurricane approaching texas Hurricane season is just getting started on the Atlantic Coast and runs until the fall, while the Pacific hurricane season runs from May to November this year. Major storms can wreak ha Continue reading →

How to Move into a New Warehouse Successfully: Tips for Cutting Costs, Utilizing Stack Racks and More

move-to-new-warehouse-tips-utilizing-stack-racks Your warehouse or distribution center is the heart of your business. It’s how your compa Continue reading →

Shipping with Metal Wire Baskets: Everything You Need to Know

wire basket isolated Have you ever thought about how empty shipping containers make their way back to the original sender? Numerous companies and startups are looking to solve the empty container problem, Continue reading →

7 Benefits of Using Plastic Pallets for International Shipments

wrapping box for shipment Moving products overseas is much easier when you choose plastic pallets. They’re affordable, reusable and durable, which saves your business money. Here’s a list of some benefits of Continue reading →

4 Benefits of Purchasing Used Plastic Barrels for Your Shipping and Storage Needs

plastic storage drums Depending on the nature of your business, plastic barrels might be the storage and shipping solution you’ve been looking for. They can be used to store and ship a range of materials, including fo Continue reading →

Shipping and Storing with Used Pallets: Four Things to Keep in Mind

closeup of blue plastic pallet Is your company looking to save money by switching to used pallets? Plastic pallets are a great way to store and ship products around the world. They’re lightweight, durable and Continue reading →

Four Things to Keep in Mind When Transporting Liquids in an IBC Tote

ibc container closeup When it comes to transporting liquids, few containers are as effective as the IBC tote. These reliable containers are designed specifically for storing and transporting liquids, including flammable Continue reading →

Transshipment Reform for the Fishing Industry: Is There a Feasible Solution?

transshipment reform fishing industry solution The global supply chain has a dirty little secret. The ocean is a big place, and cargo ships — particularly fishi Continue reading →

Weather the Storm: Why Metal Storage Containers Are the Go-To Packaging for Harsh Weather

four shipping containers Worried about keeping your equipment and goods safe during stormy weather? Storing products during harsh weather can be a major challenge, especially if you’re using unreliable storage cont Continue reading →

Seven Benefits of Using Wooden Shipping Crates

wooden cargo cases in warehouse Never underestimate the power of wood. If you’re in the shipping business, you have a lot of options when it comes to finding the right container for your products. But unlike Continue reading →

How Often Should You Replace Your Shipping Crates?

Cargo in wooden case at warehouse Shipping crates are some of the most durable products and containers in the world. They are designed to travel long distances and survive all kinds of conditions. But like m Continue reading →

The Benefits of Utilizing Used Shipping Containers

industrial port shipping containers If part of your business involves shipping goods across the country or international borders, you might be taken aback at how much money you have to spend on shipping su Continue reading →

Tips on Making Your Wooden Crates Last

wooden crates for harvesting Wood is a popular material in the shipping industry, and it comes with quite a few advantages. However, it’s up to you to treat your wooden crates with care so they last. The longer Continue reading →

How Do Collapsible Bulk Containers Work?

black collapsible container Shipping materials tend to be relatively straightforward, but it still pays to do your research so you find exactly what you need. Continue reading →

The History of the Wooden Crate

Wooden crates play a huge role in today’s shipping industry and they’ve been in use for ages. The time between the Paleolithic Era and the Middle Ages saw wooden boxes being used for a variety of purposes, and wood itself for even more. <aContinue reading →

What Do Festival Logistics Include?

what do festival logistics include These days, when you put on an event, you really can’t afford to mess anything up. If you do, you risk a costly, poten Continue reading →

Are Food-Grade IBC Totes Temperature-Controlled?

large-stack-of-IBC-tote-bulk-containers We get a lot of questions surrounding our IBC totes, as they’re some of th Continue reading →

Product Spotlight: Collapsible Wire Containers

isolated-wire-basket-on-red-flooring Choosing the right container for your specific application can be daunting, but it’s not so bad if you have something that’s extremely versatile. Continue reading →

Why You Should Use Gaylord Boxes for Your Shipping Needs

Rows of Gaylord boxes on modern racking system in warehouse Gaylord boxes are large, corrugated pallet boxes typically used to ship bulk items. Although named after the manufacturer who made them, Continue reading →

5 Types of Industrial Commercial Storage Shipping Containers

There are a few key things to consider when choosing containers to store and ship industrial and commercial products. Containers need to be of the right type and size to protect your materials and products while on your premises and while in transit to their end destination. Continue reading →

International Shipping: Requirements for Your Shipping Crate

Texture of wooden shipping crate There is a significant opportunity available for businesses prepared to join the international shipping frenzy. Sales of products shipped to international destinations are growin Continue reading →

Rethinking the Price of Packaging

When it comes to cost-saving solutions, one of the most overlooked areas for a potenti Continue reading →

15 Awesome Ways to Reuse Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are highly useful for a wide range of industries who transport items worldwide. Despite having such a clear-cut functionality, an interesting phenome Continue reading →

Re-thinking What It Means to Buy Used

The term “used” has such a negative connotation attached to it, and it just doesn’t make sense. Sure, there are certain things that just don’t sound all that appealing if you add “used” to it (underwear, food – that’s just icky). But there are so many things that you could be buying used that will give you the same quality, aesthetic, durability – Continue reading →

Business Essentials – Setting Up Your Commercial Space

So you’re about to open up your own business or set up a new location – congratulations!  Getting things up and going for a commercial venture can be tiring and stressful, but, don’t worry: You’re in luck.  Rather than have to deal with trial and error situations or have to deal with a bunch of research and run-around, here you’ll get an all-inclusive loo Continue reading →

Container Gardening with Used Containers


As a company who strives to cut down on waste, by finding new ways to reuse old containers and save you money while doing so, we thought a discussion on container gardening would be highly beneficial! This is a great hobby that brings your household fresh herbs, gets you outside and breathes new life into old containers that still have plenty of use left in them. Container gardening Continue reading →

How to Choose Containers for Growing Food


Container gardening has become a popular way to grow your own herbs and vegetables and, if you choose the right containers and take the right precautions, then growing your own food can be rewarding. It is, however, important to think about certain things before you choose your containers for food.

Since we are experts at helping large scale Continue reading →

The Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Homes

shipping container houseLooking to build a new home? Want a few affordable options? Shipping container homes ar Continue reading →

How to Get a Shipping Container

How to Get a
Shipping Container

Space has always been a precious commodity. That is why when you want to construct a structure for your personal or business use, you need to think twice before you go ahead with your plans. Have you ever Continue reading →

Buyer’s Guide to Second Hand Shipping Containers

shipping-1057110_1920 Looking to buy a shipping container? Thinking about spending the money on a second hand containe Continue reading →