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Used Gaylord Boxes for sale: Benefits to Business that Want to Go Green

Gaylord boxes are used for organizing and shipping different products such as rags, vegetables, scrap materials, and resin among others. Gaylord boxes are crafted with several layers of cardboard. This design makes them a practical choice for those who need stackable storage that will be used in warehouses or inside container vans.
While you can buy new Gaylord boxes for sale, there are several benefits for businesses and entrepreneurs when you buy second hand boxes.

Cost Effective

Used Gaylord boxes for sale are cheaper than newly manufactured ones. Since the boxes are designed for toughness, second hand boxes are still very reliable storage solution. One can acquire used boxes by asking stores in the community or by doing a bit of search online.


Recycling boxes makes Mother Earth smile. Imagine if a business needs hundreds or thousands of Gaylord boxes, you will be saving your city tons of boxes in the landfill. Being green also attracts more consumers today as people are now very much conscious about the environment.

Sturdy Storage

Because of the design of Gaylord boxes, even used ones can last for quite some time. The important thing to remember is to handle the boxes with care and keep them in a dry place. You do not have to worry about getting old, worn out boxes when buying used boxes since studies have shown that used Gaylord boxes for sale may still last as long as new boxes.
When buying used Gaylord boxes for your business, you need to remember several things. You may want to ask if the supplier requires a minimum order. The supplier must have enough volume to meet your demands especially during seasons when you need more storage. Buyers should also check if quality controls are in place to make sure you will get good quality Gaylord boxes even when they are already used boxes.

Working With Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are one of the most popular tools available for moving merchandise in bulk. Designed to work together with lifting machines, pallets are effectively a mobile floor capable of carrying and lifting quite a lot of merchandise. They’re also one of the most affordable tools for any warehouse, with an average price of well under ten dollars per pallet.


Wood pallets are very lightweight themselves, and different pallets have been designed to hold different amounts of weight. For most businesses, the amount of weight on the pallet isn’t going to be an issue; some wooden pallets can hold as much as 4000 pounds of weight without any trouble, though most versions are somewhat less. Any business needing to move more weight than that should consider an alternative storage method.


As long as reasonable precautions are followed, wooden pallets are extremely safe for both operators and merchandise. Larger boxes will be able to stay on top of the pallet with no difficulties, but smaller, lighter items could become an issue as they’re moved. This is a problem easily solved, since a simple rope (or the equivalent) will be enough to keep everything tied down and prevent accidents.


Wood pallets can be made with a variety of features that are designed to maximize their ease of use. Some pallets come with runners, and pallets can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes in order to suit each company’s needs. Before you order them, you should measure the spaces you already have and figure out what the most efficient setup would be; one large pallet can be impressive to look at, but two smaller ones might be more efficient for the amount of space you have. Be sure to select the wood pallets that actually fit your needs if you want to get the most out of them.

Commercial Laundry Carts

Laundry carts are the must-have essentials that the hospitality industry cannot do without. These carts are designed to be durable and hold large volumes of linens. They also come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, colors and casters. The large laundry carts with a six bushel capacity are ideal for extra-large capacity needs. Many of them are available with air cushion bumpers to protect equipment and walls and have casters that prevent thread pick up and lint.
Laundry carts come in many different styles. The front load laundry cart with double poles makes it easy to both transport laundry and hang clothes. Many of the deluxe laundry carts feature an ergonomic design that facilitates loading and unloading while minimizing bending. With a convenient bottom shelf, it’s easy to keep detergents and other cleaning materials organized.
Commercial laundry carts for the hospitality industry come with options for accessories. Suppliers sell extra casters, bumper pieces and covers. Often, the covers are made of cloth with an elastic edge to fit over the top of the cart. In addition, there are hard plastic covers with a hinge that provide easy access to different parts of a multi-sectioned cart. Bumper pieces are made of foam and fit on the corners of hospitality laundry cars to prevent marks on furniture and walls while in transport. Vinyl, plastic and metal laundry carts have many advantages. They are lightweight, tear resistant, durable, easy to clean and do not stain due to spills or moisture.
When choosing a caster, consider the purpose. Corner pattern casters are ideal for tight environments that require full control. Diamond pattern casters are good for moving the laundry cart in a straight line, such has pushing the cart down a hallway. This style features stationary casters at the mid-point of the basket and smaller swivel casters in the center of each end. It carries the load well and doesn’t drift from side to side.

Portable Racks Replace the Traditional Pallet

Portable racks are a reusable product made from metal and are an excellent replacement from the wood pallet. The portable rack is stackable allowing the manufacturing and distribution business to maximize storage. Stack Racks are comprised of a metal pallet base and four uprights that can be removed in some cases to give the business even more storage space. The stack rack uprights can be laid down horizontally once they are removed making them more easily stored. When the uprights are not removable the Stack Rack can easily be staggered to save on space.
Container Exchanger buys and sell used stack racks in order to save their customers money and to provide them with adjustable, portable racking options. Instead of paying the high cost of buying new portable racks customers have access to used portable racks with no expensive installation or dismantling costs. The company’s used portable stack racks come in many different dimensions and sizes and by purchasing used racks the customer is supporting the goal of Container Exchanger to reduce waste.
The portable rack is not the only packaging solution provided by Container Exchanger. Customers can purchase metal containers, plastic collapsible bulk boxes, plastic tots, and plastic pallets. Through container exchanger the manufacturing and distribution business reduces packaging acquisition costs and through the purchase of used portable racks will reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. Container Exchanger has earned the loyalty of their customers and thrives due to their repeat business.
Choosing Container Exchanger for your next pallet rack system will save money and allow the manufacturing and distribution business to forgo the use of the traditional wood pallet in favor of a new or used Portable Racks. Customers wanting to sell their used racks will be pleased with Container Exchangers internet presence and the friendly, outgoing customer service that assist them in selling their used returnable packaging.

Super Sacks are the Ideal Transportation and Storage Solution for Dry Goods


Super Sacks are the ideal transportation containers for companies that need a bulk packaging solution for their dry goods. Also known as bulk bags and FIBC bags, super sacks are made of a durable polypropylene that is flexible and reduces overall packaging costs throughout the supply chain. With lift straps on the top of the bag, handling is easy. They can be picked up with a forklift, and some of the super sacks can be emptied from the bottom. Customers can choose custom designed super sacks for their specific application or choose from a wide selection of in-stock bulk bags. Anti-static super sacks, flow-through jumbo sacks and food grade bulk sacks are just a few of the containers that are available. Most of the super sacks are recyclable, or companies can opt to resell them to increase their ROI. Often, the business who sold the super sacks will act as a broker to Bulk Bag Newresell these containers if they are in good condition and free from hazardous substances.
Some of the popular styles for super sacks include circular, u-panel and baffled. The circular designs are ideal for fine materials. With its circular construction, there are no side seams. The result is improved moisture protection and improved sift. Forklift access is also easy with its spread loop design. The u-panel designs are a popular choice for dense products. Its construction has long loops sewn into the seams and has maximum lifting capacity. With baffled super sacks, the container retains its shape both in storage and in transportation. These containers are designed to prevent the bag from expanding and allow the material to flow smoothly. A lot more product can be loaded with a baffle bag. There are also Flexi-Stack containers that are ideal for products like seed, grain or plastic resin pellets. These containers offer optimal stacking for efficient use of warehouse floor space. When fitted with support frames, the container stays rigid, and vacuum wands can efficiently remove the material. Many of these containers come with a forklift channel option that eliminates the need for a pallet.
There is a varied range of uses for super sacks. Many applications are in the food industry for products like flour, sugar, salt and more. These containers are used for the storage and transportation of powder based and bulk products. Super sacks are also used by the mining, agricultural, pharmaceutical, chemical and rubber industries. Today, there are bulk bag fillers that make filling the bags easy for industries like the construction industry. The bulk bag is manually suspended from the filler and without mixing materials. The process can be completed with just one worker. With this advance in technology, up to 60 super sacks can be filled in just one hour. There are also bulk bags that are specifically designed for the agriculture market. With ventilated tops, the agricultural products can breathe while being stored in the warehouse or being shipped. This helps prevent mold in the product. Mining industries and refractories also use super sacks for the storage and transportation of frac sand, silica, colemanite and attapulgite.