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How to Lower Your Business's Carbon Footprint

We’ve all heard the statistics: companies are responsible for over half of the total amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the environment. It’s one of the main reasons that so many businesses have tried to reduce their carbon footprint and shake the reputation. If your business hasn’t taken that route just yet, there are a few things it can do to reduce its carbon footprint and become a more environmentally conscious member of the community as well as help save a few dollars in the process.
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One of the easiest and most cost effective methods of reducing your company’s carbon footprint is to purchase used containers. Buying used containers for your business has two significant benefits: economic and environmental. For those companies who rely on the use of containers for warehouse storage and organization as well as customer shipments and other uses, the cost of purchasing containers is quite high. And it’s not just about the bottom line on the invoice you get when you order.
Pallet ContainerRegardless of what container you choose, there is a lot of effort and environmental impacts that goes into producing it. Natural resources are used in the production of these containers as well as a significant amount of energy. And, of course, there is the waste by products that are produced along with the final product, some of which can be toxic to the environment. But, when you purchase used containers, all of these environmental impacts are eliminated resulting in a lower carbon footprint along with a lower cost to acquire the products you need to run your business.
Of course, purchasing used containers also has a positive economic impact as well. By buying used containers, you reduce your overall cost to acquire them, which allows you to focus more of your most valuable resource into expanding and improving your business.
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If you are looking for a way to control costs in your business while helping making a positive impact on the environment, start by purchasing used containers from Container Exchanger. They are the leading resource for all types of new and used containers. Whether you need Gaylord boxes, wire stacking baskets, used metal racks or other container solution, Container Exchanger has what you need. For more information regarding the used containers for sale by Container Exchanger or how buying used containers can help you control your operating costs and reduce your company’s carbon footprint in the process, please visit

Why Use Plastic Pallets for Shipping and Storage?

Although not used extensively until recent years, plastic pallets have been around since sometime around World War II. Import and export between Europe and the US encouraged the wide usage of plastic pallets in an effort to reduce the amount of pest infestations wood can typically incur. However, there are substantial benefits to using plastic over wood and in some cases, metal.
Amongst the many uses that plastic pallets provide, they can be reused, they do not need to meet additional requirements to be used in export, there are several options to use depending upon the need, they are cost-efficient, anti-bacterial, can be sanitized easily, offer versatility depending upon the model and they are quickly gaining popularity amongst several companies for these reasons. For instance, Automotive Tier 1 manufacturers, Fortune 500 businesses, scrap steel businesses, freight companies and consumer product manufacturers utilize plastic pallets for their efficiency and durability.
To be used in export, wood pallets are required to be heat-treated; however, plastic pallets do not require this element of heat-treating in order to be used. Plastic pallets are ready to be used without additional requirements, which save the user money. Metal pallets are more durable than plastic ones, but are costlier. Depending upon the need, each is suited to the types of items being shipped.
In addition to being easier to clean than wood, plastic pallets are not permeable, like wood, and are more resistant to water damage and odor. Also, they are less likely to break, are fire-retardant, are more durable than wood, weigh less and offer a greener approach at conducting business as they’re reusable, require little to no maintenance and avoid the necessity of cutting down trees to create. In the event that plastic pallets need to be recycled, they can be. Moreover, for tracking purposes, plastic pallets can have RFID chips molded into them.

What is a Gaylord Container?

A Gaylord container, also known as a bulk box or a bulk bin; is a box that is designed to fit within a storage pallet. It is used to store additional items and equipment within the pallet by providing it with walls made of layers of cardboard that care strong and resistant.
Gaylord containers can be placed within pallets and stacked within one another for easy and convenient storage. Some of these boxes even have top covers to protect the items inside from damage or to ensure that the goods do not get out of the box if it is dropped by accident.


A used Gaylord container can often be just as efficient and strong in storing your merchandise as a new one because of its durable manufacturing which include multiple linings of cardboard and others substance to increase the weight resistance of the box.


Although Gaylord containers can be stacked above one another, excessive storage can cause the pile to tumble. Thus, learning about the specifications of your boxes is important before you start stacking them. A 3 or 4 walled box will usually bear nearly 1000 to 1800 lbs of weight upon it.


As these boxes allow for additional storage in pallet containers, many companies use them to store random odds and ends, raw materials, nuts and bolts, etc. there are also numerous waste disposal and recycling companies that use Gaylord containers for their products. However, when these boxes are transferring hazardous materials and waste from one location to another, extremely durable substances are used to manufacture them especially for this purpose.
However, whether you want to store a few large items or a number of small ones; the fact remains that if you are looking for conveniently added storing solutions, then buying a Gaylord container is the answer to your dilemma.

Top Reasons to Buy Used Stacking Totes


Stacking totes are a versatile storage container solution that can handle any number of large or small tasks. These containers can offer organization and space saving storage for just about any business, from manufacturers to retail outlets to food service companies as well as for the home.  
Stacking totes are great because they can be used in several different ways. Because of the nesting capabilities of stacking totes, they make a great space saving solution for various workstations, craft rooms, offices and more. They can be used to organize and store paperwork, various office implements, toys, medications and more. There is virtually no limit to the things that can be stored in stacking totes. In addition, stacking totes can be affixed directly to the wall in order to free up valuable floor space and keep needed items nearby. And lastly, stacking totes can be placed directly on shelving units or other display units in order to contain smaller parts available for retail sale. These are perfect for keeping nuts and bolts organized and separated as well as other small hardware items.  
Stacking totes also provide a great organization and storage solution for your home. You can easily store medications, pet supplies and toys in various sizes of stacking totes, keeping them organized, separated and contained while freeing up floor space.  
What’s even better is that stacking totes have a long life span, so companies can save money by buying used totes for sale.  
If you are looking to find a better way to store and organize the smaller items in your business or home, take a look at buying used totes for sale today. They come in a variety of sizes and are a very cost effective solution.
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