How do Distribution Centers Work? 10 Ways They Contribute to the Supply Chain

Managing your supply chain and distribution center requires organization and management. It is a significant part of a supply chain network for storing and shipping large quantities of products and goods. But how do distribution centers work in the supply chain? In wholesale and retail e-commerce, there are a variety of ways distribution centers contribute to a Continue reading →

6 Strategies on How to Improve Your Supply Chain

The supply chain is a very important part of any business because it is how a business gets the supplies that it needs to operate. Implementing the right strategies with your supply chain will help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. From investing in Continue reading →

What Is Lead Time in Shipping, and How Can You Reduce It for Efficiency?

Lead time is the amount of time it takes for a product to be manufactured and delivered to the customer. In the shipping industry, lead time can significantly impact efficiency. Shippers need to carefully manage their supply chainsContinue reading →

8 Tips to Improve the Shipping Process in Your Warehouse

If there has been one constant within warehouses over the years, it has been that shipping processes need to be updated and optimized regularly. Technology has provided a way for warehouses to do this with ease, but even with the most sophisticated tools available, there are still a few key tips that can help warehouses improve their processes. Continue reading →

3 Reasons Reusable Packaging Is Essential for Supply Chain Automation

boxes moving on conveyor belt Automation and reusable packaging go hand in hand. Have you ever seen a robotic arm carry a plastic bag? No. That’s because warehouse automation can on Continue reading →

Cycle Time vs. Lead Time and the Storage and Shipping Supplies That Facilitate the Differences

Cycle Time vs Lead Time Storage and Shipping Supplies The manufacturing process can be complex and companies of all sizes need to make sure they are producing Continue reading →

Warehouse Logistics: How to Improve It, Its Benefits and What You’ll Need

Warehouse Logistics How to Improve It, Its Benefits and What You'll Need Warehouses have become the backbone of the global economy. They move an Continue reading →

Evaluating the Different Types of Logistics for Steel Fabrication

a factory worker measuring the profile of a metal bar

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Keeping the Floor Clean During COVID: A Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

man with pulley wearing face mask

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Warehouse managers and owne Continue reading →

What Is Advanced Manufacturing and How Do I Implement It?

What Is Advanced Manufacturing and How Do I Implement It The practice known as advanced manufacturing remains instrumental to the American economy. From ph Continue reading →

How to Reduce Production Cost in Manufacturing

automated warehouse in china

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There are so many expenses that g Continue reading →

What Is a Warehouse Management System and Can It Improve Your Supply Chain?

warehouse management concept A warehouse management system (WMS) is quickly becoming essential in today’s supply chain industry. A WMS is a piece of software that guides the day-to- Continue reading →

4 Items Guaranteed to Improve Food Processing Plants

cherry tomatoes in a crate Food processing is one of the most important aspects of the global supply chain. Continue reading →

Keeping Your Warehouse Clean: Organization Tips and Sanitation Requirements to Follow

three plastic boxes empty for storage of goods The coronavirus outbreak is quickly changing the way we think about sanitation in the warehousing industry. These esse Continue reading →

3 Tips to Improve eCommerce Fulfillment Efficiency

packing boxes preparing invoices Efficiency is usually top of mind when it comes to running an eCommerce fulfillment center. You and your team need to quickly retrieve items, prepare them for shipment and get th Continue reading →

A Helpful Guide to Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials

factory worker wearing biohazard suit Hazardous materials are a staple of the global supply chain. Continue reading →

Optimize Your Supply Chain with Reusable Packaging

Eco friendly and recyclable container In case you haven’t heard, the reusable packaging industry is on the rise. Continue reading →

4 Ways to Utilize Wire Carts in Your Warehouse

Wire carts can be a major asset in your warehouse. While they may not always get the attention they deserve in the warehousing industry, you can use them to improve the ergonomics of your facility. The Continue reading →

Green Shipping Best Practices: Used Packaging, Fuel Alternatives and More

green shipping practices packaging fuel alternatives and moreAs concerns over global warming and other environmental problems grow l Continue reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Throughput in Your Distribution Centers

Guide to Increasing Throughput in Distribution Center Throughput is the measure of finished, quality goods a company can produce within Continue reading →

Stack Safely: Understanding OSHA Regulations When Stacking Bulk Storage Containers

cardboard boxes in background The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as part of the U.S. Department of Labor, has set clear guid Continue reading →

Maintaining Your Metal Bins: Six Tips to Keep Your Metal Containers as Good as New

green storage basket Metal bins are perfect for storing so many different kinds of products and materials. They’re durable, reusable and cost-efficient, helping your company save money over the long term. But if your busi Continue reading →

Create a More Sustainable Warehouse with Reusable Bulk Storage Containers & Other Supplies

sustainable warehouse reusable bulk storage containersWarehousing is on the rise as more companies enter the logistics business. With inc Continue reading →

Transshipment Reform for the Fishing Industry: Is There a Feasible Solution?

transshipment reform fishing industry solution The global supply chain has a dirty little secret. The ocean is a big place, and cargo ships — particularly fishing Continue reading →

IBC Tote Maintenance: Five Tips to Make Them Last

used white ibc containers If IBC containers are an integral part of your business, you need to maintain them just like Continue reading →

How International Shipping Routes Have Evolved Over Time

how international shipping routes have evolved International shipping has become a fundamental part of the global economy, but in centuries past, moving items from o Continue reading →

Understanding Trade Tariffs and How They Affect the U.S. Supply Chain

trade tariffs us supply chain The U.S. supply chain is made up of thousands of interconnected components that allow goods and packages to move all over the world. This web of trucks, Continue reading →

Why You Should Utilize Waterproof Storage Options

shelving with plastic boxes When we think of storage, we usually mean keeping something safe for long periods at a time. But if you’re going to store something at your warehouse or facility, keeping these items in Continue reading →

The Future is Green: 13 Ways the Freight and Shipping Industry is Lowering Their Energy Use

future green shipping industry lowering energy use We only have so many nonrenewable resources available to us, and it’s our job to make them last for as long Continue reading →

12 Ways Automotive Makers Can Utilize Blockchain Strategies in the Warehouse

automative makers utilize blockchain strategies If you’re not entirely familiar with blockchain, it’s best to get a leg up and gain an understanding now. Blockc Continue reading →

The Advantages and Disadvantages to Metal Packaging

Some materials are more popular than others for packaging products safely. As a business owner, you need to be able to decide what kind of packaging is best for your company. Metal is known for its durability and, as such, it’s often a great option for packaging. However, it’s not necessarily the best choice across the board. There are some drawbacks to Continue reading →

How the 2018 Tax Code Offers Big Savings to Manufacturers

person calculating numbers on calculator President Trump’s new tax code went into effect on January 1, which means there are a whole new set of rules for businesses. The Trump administration introduced Continue reading →

Self-Dumping Hoppers: Adding Versatility to Your Operation

forklift-dumping-material As far as industrial machinery goes, there are few staples more versatile than self-dumping h Continue reading →

The Importance of Recycling Your Super Sack Bags

close-up-recycling-number-5 If you have a stockpile of old super sack bags, otherwise known as flexible intermediate bul Continue reading →

Top Companies with the Most Innovative Warehouse Systems

Welcome to the future, where warehouses look like something from a sci-fi movie, and workers are made of plastic and metal. All of the world’s biggest companies are working to come up with high-tech, automated warehousing solutions that help streamline all sorts of tasks, from picking and packing to greeting visitors.

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Waste Management: Going Green in 2018

Waste Management Going Green in 2018 As the New Year looms near and you contemplate business goals for the coming year, one that should be on the top of your list is moving your company to Continue reading →

Storage and Shipping Solutions for Every Business

whGetting the best out of your storage and shipping containers and processes doesn’t have to be a hassle – that is, if you’re w Continue reading →

Easy Methods for Business Organization

Untitled-2_0001_cost effectivenessAre you wondering about how to organize a bu Continue reading →

5 Steps to Improving Your Company’s Logistics

forklift-835340_1920Shipping materials to various facilities or sending out finished products to various c Continue reading →

4 Ways of Reducing Workplace Waste

banner-6Balancing what you put into a business with what you’re able to get out of it is always one of the top concerns Continue reading →

Business Practices for the Environmentally Conscientious

ftrWe all want to feel that we’re doing our part to boost conservation and sustainability, and this certainly extends to the busi Continue reading →

Re-thinking What It Means to Buy Used

The term “used” has such a negative connotation attached to it, and it just doesn’t make sense. Sure, there are certain things that just don’t sound all that appealing if you add “used” to it (underwear, food – that’s just icky). But there are so many things that you could be buying used that will give you the same quality, aesthetic, durability – Continue reading →

Running a Green Business

Life on this planet may have existed for eons, enduring one catastrophe after another, but it’s nevertheless a fragile and precious thing.  Subsequently, the pollution and harmful practices we take part in can cause major damage to the natural world.  

However, we have it within our means to change things for the better, Continue reading →

Creating a Better World – Eco-Friendly Ideas and Solutions for Your Home

We live in an age where topics like pollution and climate change are part of our everyday lives. We worry about water and air quality, whether or not the household or yard products we’re using are putting toxins into the environment or our living spaces, and what our actions today will mean for future generations.

Becomin Continue reading →

Business Essentials – Setting Up Your Commercial Space

So you’re about to open up your own business or set up a new location – congratulations!  Getting things up and going for a commercial venture can be tiring and stressful, but, don’t worry: You’re in luck.  Rather than have to deal with trial and error situations or have to deal with a bunch of research and run-around, here you’ll get an all-inclusive loo Continue reading →

Uses for Recycled Pallets

Wood pallets are used around the globe for shipping everyday products and goods. These pallets can be acquired and given a second life by recycling old pallets into a useful items that can be used years down the road.

Container Exchanger believes in recycling, reusing, and reducing Continue reading →

Turning Trash into Cash

In these tough economic times, recycling offers an opportunity to make a contribution to saving the planet’s resources and improving your own bottom line at the same time.

Recycling centers are a fairly simple business to start, and they can be extremely profitable and environmentally friendly, too. 


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How to Encourage Recycling at the Office

Recycling used to be considered fashionable, but with overcrowded landfills, climate change, and the state of the environment on everyone’s minds lately, recycling has become vital. Waste removal is also expensive and, as a company, encouraging your employees to recycle is not only good for the planet, but it can also have an effect on your bottom line.

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The Rise of Sustainable Packaging




By now, it’s virtually impossible not to know the state of affairs when it comes to Continue reading →

Is Reusable Packaging the Right Choice for Your Company?

container-147973_1280 Unless you and your staff create and sell all of your goods on-site, then you’re probably more famil Continue reading →

5 Ways Reusable Containers Can Help You Improve Your Bottom Line

crate-311771_1280 When you run a business, it only stands to reason that you’re always looking for ways to improve the health of y Continue reading →

4 Ways Reusable Baskets and Totes Can Streamline Your Warehouse

forklift-835342_1920 Whether storage is your entire business in a nutshell or simply part of managing your merchandise, it goe Continue reading →

4 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Sustainable Packaging

recycle-555645_1920 If you’ve recently decided that it’s time your company finally made the switch to Continue reading →