IBC Totes – IBC Containers Available

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) totes are large containers used to store and transport liquids, viscous solutions and other fluid materials. All IBC totes that we have available are listed on this page. S002503 (172x200)IBC containers con Continue reading →

All Bulk Containers – Pallet Containers

Pallet ContainerA pallet container is a plastic heavy-duty storage container. They are designed to reduce your packaging and Continue reading →

Used Stack Racks Take Warehouse Storage Vertical

Stack Racks are a collection of metal rails and pallet frames that are designed to allow companies to maximize storage space in a warehouse setting by creating vertical storage solutions. They are generally constructed from a metal pallet base with some have four upright rails that are connected to the base in order to c Continue reading →

Wooden Shipping Crates Offer an Inexpensive Storage Container

Wood crates are still used as a container of choice for the shipping of products from overseas to North America. In order to meet the strict import laws, the wooden crates are required to be heat treated. Wooden shipping crates offer businesses an economical way to not only ship bulk material, including raw material Continue reading →

How to Find Used Plastic Pallets for Sale

Pallets have become the darlings of DIY aficionados and Pinterest lovers. Yet there are many more options than the wooden pallets that have become so popular in up-cycling projects. Plastic pallets can offer businesses a cost-effective option for their shipping needs. Plastic pallets are made from structural foam or thermoform, and they offer a durable and easily manageable shipping solutio Continue reading →

The Advantages of Used Bulk Bags

Maximize your investment with savings of used bulk bags rather than new ones. Also known as flexible intermediate bulk containers and jumbo bags, used bulk bags are significantly lower in upfront costs and increase the bottom line. When you're finished with using them, you can use a container exchanger company to resell them to a new end user as long as they are in good condition and haven' Continue reading →

All About Used Pallet Containers

Today, many businesses are taking advantage of the savings with used pallet containers. Used pallet containers offer significant savings in upfront costs when compared to the price of new pallet containers. Prices can be as low as 5 percent for a comparable expendable solution. Re-use also reduces waste created by your company. Container companies only sell used pallet containers that are g Continue reading →