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3 Different Ways to use IBC Totes

IBC Totes are more commonly known as fluid storage tanks. These are the same tanks that are commonly used to store and transport water over long distances or for a lengthy period of time. These IBC Totes or IBC Tanks can hold anywhere from 275 gallons of water to 330 gallons of any one of a wide variety of liquids, based on your requirements.
S002699 (200x150)IBC tank and IBC tote uses include containing and transporting any one of a wide variety of liquids like many different types of liquid foods, medicines, gasoline and other flammables as well as corrosive liquids. However, the most common uses for IBC Totes are for storing and transporting water. IBC totes are used extensively to hold water in storage for long periods of time such as what is found in disaster preparedness scenarios and more. In addition, these useful containers are used as a portable water tank that can transport water from one location to another in large volumes. This is common in large worksites, disaster situations and other applications. Last but not least, IBC totes are also commonly used as septic tanks in many applications from residential use to larger, commercial applications.
Regardless of your needs, IBC totes are a cost effective way to contain and transport water and other liquids. Buying these containers used increase cost savings as well as providing an eco-friendly water storage and transportation solution. Container Exchanger offers both new and used IBC totes for sale through its large network of suppliers located throughout Mexico, Canada and the United States. This will ensure that you find the perfect solution for your needs at a price you can afford. For more information regarding the uses for IBC Totes, their availability through Container Exchanger, or to find out how to place an order for your IBC totes click here.
See if you can find any IBC Totes to fit your needs here:
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Use Metal Bins for Waste Oil Collection

Restaurants have long had a problem discarding waste oils properly, but modern technology has created a market for this recyclable product. The problem now is how to collect the oil in a manner that will not contaminate the recyclable substance. The answer to that circumstance is using metal bins for storage as a clean method of protecting the discarded oil. The next decision will be whether to purchase or rent the metal bins.
Steel BinPurchasing custom metal bins is easily the best and most economical business decision for recycling used “yellow” restaurant cooking grease, along the burnt “brown grease” in some situations. Both types of grease are recoverable, and storing them in appropriate metal bins is the perfect method of keeping the green product intact. There are some companies that will provide and service the grease, but the restaurant is forfeiting a valuable extra income resource that increases profit margins and reduces expenses. Actually owning the metal bins can make a big difference over the course of time.
No matter what the restaurant need in terms of metal bin size, custom bins can be built when an appropriate standard bin cannot be purchased. Depending on the storage method, bins can be modified with drop doors and lift truck fork slots. In addition, they can be built in a manner that allows the bins to collapse for easier return transfer. Cages can be utilized when necessary and metal tubs can also be built for the right situation.
The benefits of recycling waste oils are on the increase. Not only can using metal bins for grease storage reduce operational expenses, the process is also a green energy benefit to the environment. Recycling used oils helps fight air pollution and minimizes waste of a product that was discarded for decades in the restaurant industry. If you have waste oil to recovery, investing in metal bins for proper oil storage is a good business decision for any food service provider.
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Used Super Sack Brand Bags Offer Flexible Transportation and Storage Options


Used Super Sacks are extremely flexible containers than can be used to store and transport a wide variety of materials such as powders, plastics and other hard to contain materials. Bulk bags are also commonly referred to as jumbo bags, super sacks and flexible intermediate bulk containers. They are constructed from extremely durable and heavy duty plastic. The fibers are interwoven to create a container that is very strong and can withstand being picked up and moved by a variety of equipment such as forklifts. They come in a variety of configurations; some have the ability to be emptied from the bottom while others have lift straps added to increase mobility.Bulk Bag New
Bulk bags are used for many different reasons. Some are used to store and transport food while others are constructed to move hazardous materials. Since they are so incredibly versatile, there is a great demand for these types of containers. However, buying new comes with an added cost.
Used bulk bags are available for purchase from the premier broker in the new and used bulk container industry: Container Exchanger. Container Exchanger will connect buyers and sellers of used bulk bags in order to facilitate the transaction, which ultimately leads to a greater cost savings to those purchasing the bags as well as a greater return on investment for those selling them.
Companies can purchase these bags at a lower price point and can also become more environmentally friendly at the same time. Customers are increasingly looking for companies that have adopted an eco-friendly position and by purchasing used bulk bags to address storage and transportation needs, they can meet these expectations.
Here are some bulk bags available:

Spout Top Bulk Bags
Duffle Top Bulk Bags
Open Top Bulk Bags

Buying Used Bulk Containers is Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly

Used bulk containers can be very useful to businesses looking for an economical way to store or dispose of large amounts of stuff. These units can be purchased at a lower price point than new containers and offer all the same benefits.
Large Building Renovation job
Large building renovation jobs, particularly when they require removing walls and other structures creates a lot of debris. Having these containers on hand makes cleanup a breeze by giving you a place to put carpeting, drywall, glass, and other demolition debris. The cost of disposal using used bulk containers is considerably less than using rental dumpsters and they allow you to control the cost of the demolition.
Big Moves
Pallet ContainerIf you are moving locations, you might be surprised at the amount of furnishings and equipment your business has acquired over time. Using new containers adds a significant cost to your relocation expenses, however, by using pre-owned bulk containers to pack and ship the contents of your business to your new location ensures that you have access to the containers that will fit your needs for less.
Used bulk containers are not just used for temporary debris removal or shipping needs. These units can also be purchased as primary refuse containers, long term storage containers or as organizational containers. Because the containers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, they can be used to contain or store a large number of different materials easily and efficiently. They offer cost effective solutions to a large number containment problems.
If your business has a need for a cost effective containment solution, then look no further than Container Exchanger. Container Exchanger offers a wide variety of used bulk containers to fit your container needs.
Here are some standard used bulk container foot prints:

30x32x34 Used Bulk Containers
40x48x34 Used Bulk Containers
45x48x25 Used Bulk Containers
45x48x34 Used Bulk Containers
45x48x42 Used Bulk Containers


Use Metal Pallets for Heavy Items

When it comes to storing and transporting heavy items, metal pallets are the ideal solution. Metal pallets are not only stronger than wood pallets; they also resist bacterial contamination and breakdown due to environmental influences. Using metal pallets allows companies to move and ship very heavy items on a single pallet, something that is impossible to do with wooden pallets. The expected maximum weight tolerance for wooden pallets is approximately 2,500 lbs. Plastic pallets can accommodate weights up to 25,000 lbs., But for those items that are heavier, such as for loads that reach upwards to 50,000 lbs., the only viable solution is metal pallets.
Metal PalletMetal pallets can withstand the increased weight of heavier loads and prevent a catastrophic failure during movement or shipping, which can lead to damage to your products and result in hefty insurance claims. In addition to being able to withstand the greater pressure of heavy loads, they also have an increased lifespan over other pallet materials. Metal pallets are built to last, meaning that they can be used over and over again. This allows companies that use metal pallets to save money by not having to replace them after every use.
Metal pallets have a host of other benefits as well. Unlike wooden pallets, metal pallets are resistant to bacterial infection as well as breaking down due to rot. This means that there is less of a chance that your goods will be damaged during transport because there is less of a chance of failure on the part of the metal pallet.

Learn How Bakery Trays can Improve Your Transport of Baked Goods

For bakery businesses looking for a cheap, efficient, and effective way to transport their baked goods to clients, look no further than bakery trays. Bakery trays, which are usually constructed out of lightweight plastic, are easy to carry and are incredibly durable. And, because these open-top containers are stackable, bakery trays are also frequently used by food manufacturers, where a consistent organizational system is necessary.
Bakery TrayFrom a structural standpoint, bakery trays are perforated because perforation lowers the weight of the containers without sacrificing the strength or impact protection of the tray. Additionally, these perforations and ventilated areas provide excellent air movement for baked goods that need to maintain a consistent temperature.
Other characteristics found in bakery trays include: A nestable design that allows baking companies to save room during delivery or when the trays are not in use. More specifically, this nestable orientation saves over ½ the space of non-nested containers.
Bakery totes are also smooth to the touch, which eliminates the possibility of plastic bakery bags snagging on a tray’s rough edges or corners.
These straight-walled containers also have dividers that help protect baked goods and keep them organized. On the bottom of each tote, there is reinforced footing that maximizes stability when the trays are stacked on top of each other.Bakery trays are constructed out of HDPE plastic, which is a very strong form of plastic that will last for several years. Because the trays are so durable, they offer companies significant cost savings over traditional cardboard boxes. Most importantly, though, the plastic used in bakery totes meets all FDA standards, making the material safe to use around food.
These bakery totes do not require lids because of their nested design. Besides plastic, these totes are also constructed of wire mesh or fiberglass. To learn more about bakery trays, click here.

Stack Racks

Stack racks are perfect for warehouses, shipping, and cold storage.  Racks are stacked vertically, instead of horizontally, allowing increased warehouse floor space. Stack racks are a flexible and very portable racking option and can be configured to handle many items including pipes, furniture, rugs, or other long and bulky items.Stack Rack Uprights
Stack racks are composed of a metal pallet base and either 4 individual uprights or an upright frame assembly which can be completely disassembled and stored. Some stack racks do not have removable posts or uprights, but instead, have a frame that allows compatible racks to be stacked in a staggered manner. The design of the stack racks helps to minimize potential product damage, especially with hard-to store items and allow for quicker storage and retrieval because they allow access from all sides with a forklift or by hand.
Some stack rack options are:

  • new or used
  • collapsible or rigid
  • footprint
  • height
  • stackable
  • heavy-duty load capacity
  • color

Take a look at the stack racks that Container Exchanger has available here:

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New Collapsible Stack Racks Used Collapsible Stack Racks
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