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The Journey of the Bulk Container: Reviewing the Longest Trade Route in the World

cargo locomotive crossing arizona desert

A bulk container has a long way to travel if it’s moving from one side of the world to another. The journey for a single bulk container can amount to several weeks and thousands of miles. If your shipping container is taking one of the longest trade routes in the world, you might be curious about what the actual journey looks like. Take a look at the longest trade route in the world as it extends across two continents, a multitude of countries and dozens of cities. Continue reading

Plastic Pallets: A Crucial Staple to Your Warehouse

bright plastic containers in piles

Pallets are a staple in any warehouse, helping you move large shipments around with ease. But you’ll have to choose between plastic pallets and wood pallets. If you’ve been using wood pallets, you might be surprised to learn that plastic pallets outperform wood pallets when it comes to cost-efficiency and package handling. They tend to be lighter, cleaner, more durable and easier to use than wood pallets. Learn why plastic pallets are a crucial investment for your warehouse. Continue reading

Understanding Trade Tariffs and How They Affect the U.S. Supply Chain

trade tariffs us supply chain

The U.S. supply chain is made up of thousands of interconnected components that allow goods and packages to move all over the world. This web of trucks, planes, warehouses, railways and cargo ships keeps the economy alive, allowing businesses from the U.S. to import and export goods from other countries. With a global economy, trade tariffs, or taxes imposed on goods being imported from other countries, can have a powerful effect on the U.S. supply chain. If the price to import international goods increases, shipping companies may have to adjust their shipping routes or close off access to some markets altogether. U.S.-based companies may stop doing business overseas, halting demand for international shipping services and fundamentally altering the make-up of the supply chain. Take a deep dive into how imposing trade tariffs can affect the U.S. supply chain. Continue reading

Why You Should Utilize Waterproof Storage Options

shelving with plastic boxes

When we think of storage, we usually mean keeping something safe for long periods at a time. But if you’re going to store something at your warehouse or facility, keeping these items in a container that’s not waterproof doesn’t make a lot of sense. Even if you plan on storing these items inside in a safe location, all kinds of unexpected situations could put these items at risk if some moisture gets into the room. Wood crates and other non-waterproof storage materials can leave your business vulnerable, especially if your customers are counting on you to keep their goods safe and dry. Find out now why every business should utilize waterproof storage containers for more peace of mind. Continue reading