Top 5 Uses of IBC Totes and IBC Containers for Sale

IBC totes have many benefits on a homestead or farm, but it's crucial to know what they are and the top five uses of them.

Intermediate bulk containers are large totes designed to hold bulk materials, such as water or granulate substances. Typically, Continue reading →

Air Freight vs Sea Freight: What Is Right for My Business?

Air Freight vs Sea Freight What Is Right for My Business Which shipping method is better for your business, air or sea freight? To determine this, you must Continue reading →

6 Tips on How to Ship Produce for the Food Industry

When shipping perishables, it is important to ensure that the food is protected from temperature extremes and other adverse conditions that could cause spoilage. Improperly shipping products can not only impact the quality but can also lead to a loss of revenue. Continue reading →

4 Trends in the Food Packaging Supply Chain to Watch in 2022

foods packaged in bulk The food and beverage industry has seen lots of different changes over the last couple years. The COVID-19 pandemic quickly altered the way most people buy and consume Continue reading →

How to Ship Perishable Food – A Guide for Those in the Food Industry

How to Ship Perishable Food – A Guide for Those in the Food Industry When it comes to shipping and transportation, few things could be more i Continue reading →

What Is Contract Manufacturing and How Can It Help Food Manufacturing?

How to Ship Perishable Food – A Guide for Those in the Food Industry

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4 Items Guaranteed to Improve Food Processing Plants

cherry tomatoes in a crate Food processing is one of the most important aspects of the global supply chain. Continue reading →

Everything You Need to Know About Food Grade IBC Totes

Everything You Need to Know About Food Grade IBC Totes Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) remain one of the most popular storage containers in the global sh Continue reading →

7 Efficient Food Warehousing Storage Tips

7 efficient food warehousing tips Storing food and beverage products is vastly different from handling consumer goods like apparel, electronics, and furnit Continue reading →

The Dos and Don’ts of Efficient Warehouse Management

Rear view of warehouse team discussing while walking in warehouse Running a warehouse is all about efficiency. Your employees need to move quickly Continue reading →

Comparing Different Types of Containers: A Definitive Guide to Decide Which Is Best for Your Needs

comparing different containers guide to decide When it comes to shipping and storage, it all starts with the right container. They keep your go Continue reading →

The Best Stackable Totes for Commercial Food Distributors

woman measuring cookies on scale for packaging If you’re in the commercial food industry, you need a reliable way to store and transport your products without damaging them. Food is an inherently Continue reading →

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Plastic Totes

container exchanger stacking plastic tote Plastic totes can be a valuable asset for any business. They help you store and organize your goods and materials into a series of accessible, lightweight conta Continue reading →

6 Tips for Successful Super Sack Handling

stacking bulk cargo in jumbo bags If you need to transport a large amount of dry goods like seeds, grains, or industrial materials, you will likely Continue reading →

Bakery Trays: A Bake Shop Essential

bread in bakery tray Every bakery needs – you guessed it – bakery trays. These lightweight, durable plastic trays are perfect for transporting and storing food items, including those that are fresh from the oven like mu Continue reading →

Super Sack Safety: Everything You Need to Know

forklift handling jumbo bags Bulk bags or super sack bags have jumped in popularity in recent years. Companies across a wide range of industries are switching out their plastic bins and oversized boxes for large, bu Continue reading →

Five Benefits of Using Plastic Totes in Your Warehouse

closeup of large plastic totes Few decisions are more important than choosing the right kind of containers for your warehouse. Your decision will have major implications for your entire operations, including how m Continue reading →

Why Food Delivery Services Are Switching to Tote Containers

food delivery services switching to tote containers It’s a great time to be a consumer. With just a few clicks, consumers can order jus Continue reading →

5 Advantages to Using Industrial Storage Bins in Your Warehouse

interior small manufacture warehouse The warehousing and storage industry is growing rapidly thanks to Continue reading →

Why Stack Racks are the Backbone of Any Warehouse

empty-stacking-racks-in-warehouse When you look at some of the most efficient and well-optimized warehouse layouts, there’s a good chance th Continue reading →

Tips on Optimizing Your Warehouse Space with Stackable Industrial Bins

multiple-stackable-industrial-bins-in-warehouse When it comes to warehousing, there’s nothing as valuable as space—it’s your commodity, after all. So, it’s no surprise that, for many wareh Continue reading →

Are Food-Grade IBC Totes Temperature-Controlled?

large-stack-of-IBC-tote-bulk-containers We get a lot of questions surrounding our IBC totes, as they’re some of the m Continue reading →

What is a Nesting Tote?

Isolated-plastic-nesting-tote-on-white-background When researching warehousing and packing containers, there’s a good chance you’ll come across the phrase “nesting tote” or “stack-and- Continue reading →

4 Ways Reusable Baskets and Totes Can Streamline Your Warehouse

forklift-835342_1920 Whether storage is your entire business in a nutshell or simply part of managing your merchandise, it goe Continue reading →

Top Reasons to Buy Used Stacking Totes

StackingContinue reading →

30 Awesome Things You Can Do With Your Potential Junk

Ready for some DIY recycling projects? Don’t know what to do with those wooden pallets lying around your back yard? Tired of seeing those old wooden crates stacked in your garage? Here are some creative ideas we are eager to share with you! We all know the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Although they might seem like something the modern man thought of when he realized h Continue reading →

Stack & Nest Totes

Stack & Nest Totes are one of a few different plastic containers that are referred to as hand-held because you can lift and carry them by hand. These totes are ideal for assembly lines, order picking, parts and retail distribution, general merchandise, and short-term storage. Stack and Nest Totes stack when full or nest when empty for space saving storage. Depending on the tote, lid opt Continue reading →

Agriculture Containers: Harvesting Totes and Produce Bins

Produce and agriculture bins come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. There are small plastic totes, often referred to as handheld totes, which can be used for produce harvesting, storage and shipment. Large corrugated cardboard boxes with vent holes are great for bigger produce items such as watermelons. Reusable bulk plastic containers with mesh sides can be used for an assortment of ha Continue reading →

Learn How Bakery Trays can Improve Your Transport of Baked Goods

For bakery businesses looking for a cheap, efficient, and effective way to transport their baked goods to clients, look no further than bakery trays. Bakery trays, which are usually constructed out of lightweight plastic, are easy to carry and are incredibly durable. And, because these open-top containers are stackable, bakery trays are also f Continue reading →

The Many Uses of Organizer Bins

Akro-Mils AkroBins® are a type of organizer and storeroom shelf bins that are extremely versatile and useful in many different applications. AkroBins® are extremely heavy duty and can help contain, organize, store and display a wide variety of items. Organizer bins come in many different sizes and options, with some having dividers that allow them to be used to store several different items at o Continue reading →

One Small Change Creating a Huge Impact on Packaging Waste

Global Packaging by the Numbers The waste produced by shipping containers on a global level is predicted to increase in the coming years. The amount of harm done to the Earth is extensive when you combine the waste produced by expendable packages with th Continue reading →

How Nesting Totes Can Be Used for Worm Farming

Few things are more enjoyable during the long, hazy days of summer than catching fish at the local watering hole. And anyone who knows fishing knows that the only way to catch the big fish is to use live fishing worms. For those who go fishing often, finding a reliable source of large fishing worms can be tough. And when you do find them, the cost of using live bait and quickly add up. Howe Continue reading →

Why Use Food Grade Totes?

Food grade totes are used in the manufacturing and transport of mass produced foods. The totes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the purpose of the industry using them. Food totes are generally stackable to make storage and shipping easier. Totes that are used for baked goods are generally Continue reading →

Used Plastic Nesting Shipping Totes Are the Perfect Solution for Shipping Product

For companies or businesses that need to safely ship products or materials, shipping totes are a popular method of transport. These totes, which are constructed of high-quality polyurethane or HDPE plastic, are incredibly rugged, waterproof, resilient to chemicals, and will not corrode, weaken, or decompose Continue reading →

Stacking Totes – Straight Wall Totes

Stackable industrial totes can be used for shipping or storing specialized products, especially in manufacturing. The small stackable bins work best for small assemblies and plastic parts. These straight-wall containers provide well-organized stacking in trucks, warehouses and on pallets. Often straight wall industrial totes contain internal dunnage and part dividers to help protect these parts an Continue reading →

Types of Used Plastic Totes

Production units and manufacturing facilities used totes to transport heavy equipment and products from one part of the facility to another. As plastic is a durable and strong material, purchasing used plastic totes can be a cost effective way of providing your business with a means of transporting goods with the help of to Continue reading →

Friendly and Affordable – Making the Case for Returnable Packaging – Business Excellence

Thirty percent of landfill waste is created by plastic and paper packaging estimates The EarthWorks Group. The use of cardboard products and other one-time-use packaging products contribute significantly to this waste. David Madden, President of noted, "The initial investment in returnable pack Continue reading →

Reusable Containers: Clever, Cost-Effective, Convenient

Lighting recycling specialist Lumicom, lighting maintenance company David Webster (DW) and waste management specialist Sims Group recently launched a series of pilot trials in the United Kingdom to explore ways of improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of recycling waste street lanterns. A key element of the Continue reading →

Reducing Landfill Waste with Returnable Packaging

In today’s increasingly globalized and fiercely competitive world, the ultimate goal of businesses in all sectors is to maximize profits while reducing expenses in manufacturing and shipping their products. However, in recent years, an increasing number of enterprises in the United States have become aware of their Continue reading →

Reusable Container Online Marketplace – Material Handling Management is an online marketplace that helps manufacturing and distribution businesses buy or sell used reusable packaging. Offerings include bulk containers, metal storage bins, plastic industrial totes, plastic pallets, used gaylord boxes, plasti Continue reading →

The Pros and Cons of Reusable Packaging – Plastics Business

Green sustainable packaging solutions are as simple as reusing containers. Reusable Container & Pallet Association (RCPA) members are leading suppliers of the reusable/returnable industrial plastic containers, pallets, and packaging. They supply solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and d Continue reading →

Reuse It Or Lose It – Food Manufacturing Magazine

Buying used reusable packaging yields immediate cost savings and long term benefits. Looking for new ways to add to your bottom line? Perhaps you should take a look at replacing expendable packaging with reusable/returnable options. Buying reusable packaging, specifically quality used reu Continue reading →

Container Exchanger wins Supply and Demand Chain Executive Green Award

In addition to its goal of achieving carbon neutrality for its offices by the end of 2009, Container Exchange offers its clients returnable packaging broker services, resell folding bulk containers, metal storage bins, plastic industrial totes, plastic pallets and used Gaylord boxes throughout the U.S. mar Continue reading →

Now Buying Scrap Containers and Scrap HDPE Plastic

If your company has a collection of broken bulk containers or totes, give us a call! We can be reached M-F, 9 am - 5 pm Eastern Time at 404-551-5599. We now buy broken plastic bulk containers and totes. We now recycle used collapsible bulk containers and totes and can mold them into brand new containers. Our unique ability to recycle these ma Continue reading →