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Five Benefits of Using Plastic Totes in Your Warehouse

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Few decisions are more important than choosing the right kind of containers for your warehouse. Your decision will have major implications for your entire operations, including how much you will need to spend on supplies, how your goods will move from point A to B and how you can store items in your warehouse. Continue reading

Why Food Delivery Services Are Switching to Tote Containers

food delivery services switching to tote containers

It’s a great time to be a consumer. With just a few clicks, consumers can order just about anything online and have it delivered to their front door within a few days or even just a few hours. Major e-commerce players like Amazon and Walmart are rapidly changing the supply chain to speed up the delivery process. Smaller companies have to get their packages from point A to B as fast as possible if they want to compete with major corporations. Continue reading

5 Advantages to Using Industrial Storage Bins in Your Warehouse

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The warehousing and storage industry is growing rapidly thanks to rising consumer spending. And that means your warehouse needs to be ready for more output. But improving warehouse efficiency won’t be easy if your processing and manufacturing materials are strewn all over the place. If one of your employees needs to find an item in the warehouse, they shouldn’t have to sort through an endless pile of clutter. That’s why so many companies in the industry use industrial storage bins to keep their warehouses organized. They create a sense of flow and order in the space, helping your employees save time as they go about their business. Learn more now about the many benefits of using industrial storage bins in a commercial warehouse. Continue reading

Why Stack Racks are the Backbone of Any Warehouse


When you look at some of the most efficient and well-optimized warehouse layouts, there’s a good chance that almost all of them have one thing in common: They’re primarily made up of industrial stack racks. These kinds of racks are the central feature of most warehouses because they prioritize floor-to-ceiling storage, which can maximize the available space in any facility tenfold or more. Additionally, warehouse racks are amazingly versatile. They can be used for housing everything from pipes to tires to carpet. Because of this, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see stack racks in just about any large-scale storage facility. Continue reading

Tips on Optimizing Your Warehouse Space with Stackable Industrial Bins


When it comes to warehousing, there’s nothing as valuable as space—it’s your commodity, after all. So, it’s no surprise that, for many warehouse managers, maximizing space is always at the top of the to-do list. One of the ways we help our customers optimize their warehouse space is with the help of stackable industrial bins. These kinds of warehouse containers come in an amazing variety of styles (more on that below) all of which–you guessed it!–stack. This allows you to take advantage of often underused vertical storage space and to better organize large quantities of goods. Continue reading

Are Food-Grade IBC Totes Temperature-Controlled?


We get a lot of questions surrounding our IBC totes, as they’re some of the most versatile and durable warehouse containers available. But we understand that, because of this, there is also some confusion about what they can and can’t be used for. People often ask us whether or not food-grade IBC totes are temperature-controlled or not. The short answer is no, and the long answer is no, except for insulated bulk containers. Let’s cover the basics of these storage containers so that you get the most out of them in your warehouse, fulfillment center or manufacturing facility. Continue reading

What is a Nesting Tote?


When researching warehousing and packing containers, there’s a good chance you’ll come across the phrase “nesting tote” or “stack-and-nest tote.” No, these aren’t what birds use to tote their groceries (though they could, we suppose). They’re actually versatile, space-saving storage and shipping containers that ease workflow. Nesting totes are used in many different industries, from storing and shipping delicate cosmetic products to food and drinks, and they can help revolutionize your facility’s processes. Continue reading

Food-Based Business Management: 4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Reusable Totes

\If there’s one concern that every owner of a food-based business has in common, it’s how to handle the fragile nature of food effectively. You not only want to keep it safe for consumption, but fresh enough that your customers are able to fully experience its wholesomeness and flavor. If you’re doing business on a large scale, then you’re no doubt concerned with finding the best way to get your goods from place to place in one piece as well.
Many businesses still rely solely on disposable, single-use shipping and storage options like corrugated containers. However, while disposable containers may be familiar and convenient, they’re far from the best way to ship and store your edible goods. Reusable totes are quickly replacing them for a number of very good reasons.

  1. Reusable totes help you save money in the long run.

Naturally, there are certain recurring costs that come along with running a business. The cost of packing materials and shipping containers is only one of these, but it’s a very important one. On the surface, corrugated cardboard boxes and other single-use options absolutely seem like the more economical option.
However, while it’s true that reusable options like totes, crates, and wire baskets do cost more up front, they’re not representative of a recurring cost. You use them again, and again, and again instead. You can save even more money by purchasing perfectly good totes on a secondhand basis from a supplier like Container Exchanger. When and if you ever are finished with the totes, you can simply sell them back for a partial return on your original investment.

  1. Keep your merchandise fresh, safe, and free of damage in transit.

As touched on above, food is nothing if not fragile, so it’s not hard to see why the safe shipping and storage of edible goods presents such a challenge. For the most part, disposable containers do protect food. However, they’re simply not sturdy enough to really guard against the unexpected.
Shipping containers are frequently dropped, bumped, or jarred before they reach their destination – sometimes severely. If you’re only relying on cardboard to protect your merchandise, then you’re probably very used to customers complaining of bruised produce or baked goods that look like they’re practically pulverized. You probably have even written off the occasional damaged or replacement shipment as part of the cost of doing business.
It doesn’t have to be that way. Reusable food grade totes are built to last, so they’re many times more durable than their cardboard cousins. Making the switch will mean significantly fewer damaged shipments and much happier customers.

  1. Store your merchandise under ideal conditions.

Just as food can be incredibly difficult to ship, it’s also a real challenge to store properly. Food grade totes will be easier to stack without risk of damaging the delicate contents within, so you can finally make the absolute most of limited pantry or warehouse space. Occasional mishaps like spills won’t damage your containers, either, as they won’t soak up moisture the way cardboard boxes will.
Since food grade totes were made with the storage of food in mind, they’re already designed to help facilitate the right conditions for long-term storage as well. Keep baked goods from going stale so quickly. Protect delicate seasonal produce from getting bruised or becoming moldy. Rest easy knowing that your totes are 100% FDA-compliant and safe for storing food, so you never have to worry about exposure to toxins or chemicals that have no business being anywhere near food.

  1. Become an environmentally conscious business owner.

Doing business in a way that minimizes the associated impact on the environment to the greatest extent possible isn’t just for huge global corporations anymore. It’s the responsibility of every business owner. That said, making the switch to reusable, sustainable packaging options like food totes is a great way to drastically reduce your business’s carbon footprint.
You’ll significantly reduce packing waste. You can take advantage of the totes’ stackable design to fully maximize available space on shipping vehicles and freezer trucks, allowing you to reduce the amount of fuel your business uses. It hardly hurts that becoming more environmentally conscious also helps save you even more money.
At the end of the day, there are a million reasons to get your business on board with the current shift toward environmentally sustainable packaging. Start experiencing the benefits first hand when you make the switch today!

4 Ways Reusable Baskets and Totes Can Streamline Your Warehouse

Whether storage is your entire business in a nutshell or simply part of managing your merchandise, it goes without saying that warehouses and storage facilities come with their fair share of challenges. You’re naturally concerned with protecting the products and valuables stored inside. There’s also the ever present dilemma of how to make the absolute most of limited space to consider.
The fact of the matter is your choice in storage containers can make a world of difference. If you’re still relying on corrugated cardboard boxes and other disposable products meant for just one use, it’s time you went reusable. Not only are reusable options like totes, wire baskets, and crates a sustainable, environmentally sound option, but they really can make it easier to run your facility with efficiency. Here’s how.

  1. Making the Most of All Your Space

Disposable options may be familiar and convenient. However, they’re often the furthest thing from being space efficient. With a little careful planning and creative problem solving, you can maximize horizontal space fairly easily … but what about all that vertical space you’re not using because your containers simply aren’t capable of making the most of it?
Reusable totes and baskets are designed to be stacked one on top of the other. This means you can finally take your vertical storage space into consideration the next time you revamp your stockroom or storage facility. This benefit extends to your shipping vehicles as well. The less space you waste on your delivery vans, the less fuel you’ll burn, and the fewer miles your drivers will have to cover in the long term.

  1. Actually See Your Products

Not only are baskets, crates, and other semi-open containers good and strong in a way cardboard boxes just aren’t, but they provide excellent visibility as well. Since you can see through them, you can easily tell at a glance what type of product is contained in each. You can see how many you have of each item, making it easier to know when to restock.
Open reusable containers make it easier to assess the condition of items contained. You can tell at a glance if those onions have started to sprout before their time or if that last shipment of Christmas tree ornaments was damaged the last time the stockroom was rearranged. Then you can make decisions accordingly.

  1. Provide Necessary Air Circulation

Some types of merchandise can be kept in completely enclosed containers without a problem. Others require air circulation in order to remain at their best. Produce is an excellent example. Sometimes you need to be able to contain items that create vapors which need a way to vent – another great fit for totes and baskets.
Many storage facilities can be prone to leaks, moisture build-up, and mildew, which can damage the integrity of merchandise stored in disposable containers. Cardboard and other such materials swell up and bloat when exposed to water or moisture. Totes, crates, and baskets provide drainage outlets that can help limit a product’s exposure to moisture and preserve its integrity.

  1. Cut Down on Wasted Labor

Cardboard boxes and other disposable containers eventually need to be broken down and disposed of. While this doesn’t sound like something that should be taking up a lot of your employees’ time, it can do exactly that. Over time, a given stockperson or warehouse worker might spend hundreds of hours simply disposing of packaging waste that doesn’t even need to be there.
This can add up to a lot of wasted labor and manpower when you’re the head of a small business that needs each worker to be as productive as is humanly possible. Make the switch to reusable containers and put your employees to work on important, meaningful tasks. They’ll thank you for it, as will your bottom line.
Let Container Exchanger See to Your Needs
Here at, we pride ourselves on providing one of the best selections of reusable, sustainable containment options available anywhere. Outfit your warehouse, stockroom, or storage facility with stackable nests, reusable totes, organizer bins, collapsible bulk containers, and so much more.
Save a fortune in packaging and containment costs, especially over time. Take huge strides in helping your business become more eco-friendly as well. Looking to get rid of old containers you no longer need in a way that’s responsible and sensible? Sell them to us! Our team will refurbish them before reselling them on your behalf to new buyers. Explore the possibilities today!