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Why Stack Racks are the Backbone of Any Warehouse


When you look at some of the most efficient and well-optimized warehouse layouts, there’s a good chance that almost all of them have one thing in common: They’re primarily made up of industrial stack racks. These kinds of racks are the central feature of most warehouses because they prioritize floor-to-ceiling storage, which can maximize the available space in any facility tenfold or more. Additionally, warehouse racks are amazingly versatile. They can be used for housing everything from pipes to tires to carpet. Because of this, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see stack racks in just about any large-scale storage facility. Continue reading

Tips on Optimizing Your Warehouse Space with Stackable Industrial Bins


When it comes to warehousing, there’s nothing as valuable as space—it’s your commodity, after all. So, it’s no surprise that, for many warehouse managers, maximizing space is always at the top of the to-do list. One of the ways we help our customers optimize their warehouse space is with the help of stackable industrial bins. These kinds of warehouse containers come in an amazing variety of styles (more on that below) all of which–you guessed it!–stack. This allows you to take advantage of often underused vertical storage space and to better organize large quantities of goods. Continue reading

Are Food-Grade IBC Totes Temperature-Controlled?


We get a lot of questions surrounding our IBC totes, as they’re some of the most versatile and durable warehouse containers available. But we understand that, because of this, there is also some confusion about what they can and can’t be used for. People often ask us whether or not food-grade IBC totes are temperature-controlled or not. The short answer is no, and the long answer is no, except for insulated bulk containers. Let’s cover the basics of these storage containers so that you get the most out of them in your warehouse, fulfillment center or manufacturing facility. Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Collapsible Wire Containers


Choosing the right container for your specific application can be daunting, but it’s not so bad if you have something that’s extremely versatile. Collapsible wire containers, otherwise known as collapsible wire baskets, are great for many unique applications–from storing bulk goods to shipping jobs. But your containers should also work for you, and these do that extremely well! By saving space and improving workflow, wire containers help you save money and increase your facility’s production rates. Continue reading

How the 2018 Tax Code Offers Big Savings to Manufacturers

person calculating numbers on calculator

President Trump’s new tax code went into effect on January 1, which means there are a whole new set of rules for businesses. The Trump administration introduced the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—which included major tax cuts for businesses—back in November, with the goal of bolstering the economy from the top down. The objective is to help spur job growth and reinvigorate the economy, according to the administration. As a result, manufacturers have a new set of codes to follow, with both advantages and disadvantages ahead. Continue reading