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Container Exchanger wins Supply and Demand Chain Executive Green Award

In addition to its goal of achieving carbon neutrality for its offices by the end of 2009, Container Exchange offers its clients returnable packaging broker services, resell folding bulk containers, metal storage bins, plastic industrial totes, plastic pallets and used Gaylord boxes throughout the U.S. market. “Our clients, both buyers and sellers, use our services to reduce their own carbon footprints while simultaneously improving profitability,” says David Madden, president of the company.
Returnable packaging reduces landfill waste and energy consumption when compared to expendable packaging. However, over time, as a company’s product mix changes or a manufacturing contract expires, it may no longer have a use for the packaging associated with particular parts. In most cases, the packaging is still perfectly useable, but because they no longer have a use for the containers, the companies would have typically sold the containers to a scrap company, which would reprocess the materials, creating pollution, waste and additional energy use.
Container Exchange acts as a matchmaker between companies looking to dispose of returnable packaging and those looking to acquire the packaging. It is true that transportation of the packaging between buyer and seller through less-than-truckload and truckload-size shipments consumes energy, primarily in the form of fossil fuels. But Madden believes that as his company’s network increases in size and adds buyers and sellers, the chances of locating a matching set of returnable packaging close to a buyer increases, and that close proximity creates a financial and environmental impact through reduced freight costs and fuel use. Container Exchange currently is running at a rate of 400,000 lbs. of repurposed material per month.
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Now Buying Scrap Containers and Scrap HDPE Plastic

If your company has a collection of broken bulk containers or totes, give us a call! We can be reached M-F, 9 am – 5 pm Eastern Time at 404-551-5599. We now buy broken plastic bulk containers and totes. We now recycle used collapsible bulk containers and totes and can mold them into brand new containers.
Our unique ability to recycle these materials creates a win-win for our customers. We can offer a variety of arrangements for the company who needs to recycle their used or broken containers.

  1. We can pay extremely competitive rates based on the weight of the product. Payment would come in the form of a check or wire transfer from Container Exchanger according to the weight of the scrap material.
  2. We can offer a trade. The value of the materials could be applied against any of our new or used bulk containers or totes.
  3. We can offer a discounted price on new bulk containers. This arrangement would allow your company to purchase the same number of containers as what was recycled. The purchase price of the container would be significantly discounted from the regular price. For example, if your company has a truckload (208 pcs) of 45x48x34 bulk containers, we could take those materials in trade and offer brand new 45x48x34 bulk containers for only $85 each. Based on our current new container price, this arrangement nets your company about $65 per container, or about $.46 per lb, significantly above the going rate of about $.28 per lb.* Note that any of the above figures are used for illustrative purposes and are not an actual quote. Please call or inquire for the current values on used and broken scrap containers and totes. Additionally, any offer for scrap needs to have the cost of freight figured into the equation so each location will vary based on transportation costs as well. Please Call us to recycle your scrap bulk containers and totes today!

Call 404-551-5599 or write us an email.