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Optimize Your Supply Chain with Reusable Packaging

Eco friendly and recyclable container

In case you haven’t heard, the reusable packaging industry is on the rise. It’s projected to grow from USD 37.9 billion in 2018 to USD 51.2 billion by 2023. That’s quite a jump in just five years.

So, why are so many businesses and consumers investing in reusable packaging? Reusable containers and packages can reduce shipping and labor costs, improve efficiency and help save the environment. Consumers are starting to prefer reusable or recyclable containers as well. Investing in reusable containers helps you make the right impression on your target audience. Continue reading

5 Handy Tips for Choosing a Warehouse Racking System

Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves

Storage racks are the bread and butter of the warehousing industry. They keep your inventory organized so you and your colleagues can fulfill orders and get them out for delivery as fast as possible without damaging your products in the process. As ubiquitous as stack racks are within the warehousing and distribution industry, no two warehouses are exactly alike. Different facilities carry different products, and everyone has their own way of carrying out routine processes, such as getting products from the shelf to the loading dock. Continue reading

The Many Uses for Plastic Bulk Containers

many uses of plastic bulk containers

When it comes to shipping and storing valuable cargo, plastic bulk containers help you keep your goods safe and sound. They’re made with strong, durable materials that protect your goods as they travel to their destination. These containers are also completely reusable and extremely lightweight, helping you save as much money on shipping as possible. Continue reading