9 Types of 55-Gallon Drums for Storage

During the oil discovery era, drums came into existence for transporting crude. Today, industrial and production companies use them to store and ship finished products, goods and raw materials. You must select the appropriate container and follow domestic and international guidelines and regulations for storage and shipment. Here are 9 types of Continue reading →

How do Distribution Centers Work? 10 Ways They Contribute to the Supply Chain

Managing your supply chain and distribution center requires organization and management. It is a significant part of a supply chain network for storing and shipping large quantities of products and goods. But how do distribution centers work in the supply chain? In wholesale and retail e-commerce, there are a variety of ways distribution centers contribute to an ef Continue reading →

How to Organize a Warehouse for Maximum Efficiency

If you're running a warehouse, keeping it organized is the key to success. If your warehouse is cluttered and disorganized, it won't be easy to find anything, and productivity will suffer. Below, we will discuss some tips on how to organize your warehouse for maximum efficiency. By following these tips, you can streamline your operations and improve productivity in Continue reading →

How to Ship a Pallet: 6 Tips

Pallets are one of the most common methods utilized across industries to ship items. Shipping via pallet lets you securely keep products together while also eliminating the high costs of shipping items individually. At Container Exchanger, one of our biggest sellers is the Continue reading →

What Is the Automotive Supply Chain Process?

Nearly every modern economic sector is information-intensive, but the automotive industry might just take the cake in that regard. Automotive manufacturing companies need thousands of different parts to finish complex manufacturing processes to put high-caliber vehicles on the road. As a result, the automotive supply chain is vital to keeping things going in many pa Continue reading →

What Is the Role of Warehousing in Supply Chain Management?

Warehousing plays a key role in the supply chains of companies that need to manage physical inventory. A warehouse with the right layout, storage features and operations can do a lot to help a business thrive. The design of most warehouses lends itself to easy stacking and storage of items. For example, a Continue reading →

Air Freight vs Sea Freight: What Is Right for My Business?

Air Freight vs Sea Freight What Is Right for My Business Which shipping method is better for your business, air or sea freight? To determine this, you mu Continue reading →