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Utilizing Wire Storage Bins: A Manufacturer’s Guide

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Manufacturers continue to depend on a wide range of containers and equipment when it comes to generating their products and getting orders out the door, but none may be as important as the almighty wire storage bin. These containers come in all shapes and sizes, helping companies large and small handle their inventory and supplies with added efficiency. Continue reading

4 Reasons to Use Metal Wire Baskets for Overstock Inventory

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Overstock inventory can cost retailers as much as $123.4 billion every year. As much as you want to avoid overstocking, it’s bound to happen from time to time as demand fluctuates. Even with a reliable data analytics program, forecasting future demand isn’t always an exact science. When your facility hangs on to extra inventory, your storage costs will go through the roof. To better manage your overstock inventory, utilize collapsible metal wire baskets. These containers help your facility stay flexible as inventory levels change over time. Continue reading

Shipping with Metal Wire Baskets: Everything You Need to Know

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Have you ever thought about how empty shipping containers make their way back to the original sender? Numerous companies and startups are looking to solve the empty container problem, which costs the logistics industry around $20 million per year. In fact, around one in four containers are empty during transportation. But using collapsible storage solutions can help fight this problem. When your products reach their destination, the shipping company can collapse the container, so it will take up less space in their vehicle or maritime vessel. Here’s more about shipping with metal wire baskets and why it might be the best choice for your business. Continue reading

Five Benefits of Using Bulk Baskets for Storage

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If you need to store a large amount of materials or cargo, you can’t go wrong with bulk storage baskets. These wire baskets make it easy to store all kinds of items in your warehouse, including consumer products, industrial supplies and other dry goods. They’re easy to maintain and completely reusable, so your business can save on storage supplies. Continue reading

Five Unconventional Ways to Use a Commercial Laundry Cart for Your Business

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You may never look at a commercial laundry cart the same way again. These sturdy, wheeled carts are perfect for so many tasks and chores. From moving products and materials around your facility to cleaning up the space after a long day, you can put laundry carts to work in more ways than one. Continue reading

The Best Bulk Storage Containers for Your Warehouse

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Bulk storage containers are the perfect choice when it comes to keeping your warehouse neat and tidy. They’re large enough to store just about anything you might have in your warehouse, from manufacturing materials to scrap parts. Just put them in the corner or against the wall, and you can toss items right into the container. This creates some order around your warehouse, so everyone knows where to find the materials they need. You and your employees will save time by not having to search for individual items and parts. Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Collapsible Wire Containers


Choosing the right container for your specific application can be daunting, but it’s not so bad if you have something that’s extremely versatile. Collapsible wire containers, otherwise known as collapsible wire baskets, are great for many unique applications–from storing bulk goods to shipping jobs. But your containers should also work for you, and these do that extremely well! By saving space and improving workflow, wire containers help you save money and increase your facility’s production rates. Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to Use Wire Baskets in a Manufacturing Environment

Wire baskets are among the most useful containers when it comes to a manufacturing environment. They are lightweight, yet rigid, giving companies the opportunity to store and ship various products and raw materials easily. Wire baskets also offer:

  1. Visibility. When it comes to storage, there is no greater benefit for a storage container than to be see-through. This visibility allows employees the ability to see what is in a basket without having to take the time to physically open each container. This saves time and increases production.
  2. Inventory. Not only does increased visibility of wire baskets allow employees to see what is in each basket, it also allows them to see how many are in the baskets. This allows for a faster inventory of products and materials and facilitates a faster inventory process.
  3. Space saving. Wire baskets are stackable. This means that manufacturing companies can increase their storage capacity by being able to utilize vertical space without the need to purchase stack racks or other forms of shelving or storage.
  4. Drainage. In manufacturing facilities, storage containers are often exposed to water or other substances that can cause damage to the contents if not properly drained. Because wire baskets are made with metal wire, they provide adequate drainage, which prevents unnecessary damage to the products or materials stored inside.
  5. Venting. The porous surface of wire baskets also prevents potentially harmful vapors from building up inside the container. The gaps in between the metal wires allows for safe gas venting into the atmosphere.

As you can see, wire baskets are an invaluable part of the manufacturing environment. They provide exceptional storage and shipping solutions for manufacturers of all types and can be used in many different scenarios.

Collapsible Containers – A Reusable Packaging Nirvana

Collapsible containers are known throughout the manufacturing industry as ‘smart packaging’. This type of returnable packaging comes in several styles – plastic collapsible containers and metal collapsible containers.
These collapsible containers can be used again and again and offer lots of durability, typically with the ability to handle 1,500 to 4,000 lbs. Depending upon the style and size.
Metal collapsible containers are very popular and widely used throughout many industries for bulk material handling. Combining the dual ability of being light but strong – they have lots of muscle with a low weight-to-load ratio, and can easily be stacked 3-4 high providing a high amount of visibility while conserving space and making it easy to see inventory.
Plastic collapsible containers have solid walls and the option of solid or vented bottoms to meet your particular warehouse needs. These type containers offer exceptional strength and product protection while offering supreme savings in return freight and storage costs for these collapsible containers.
Plastic collapsible containers also feature fork access on two or four sides depending upon style which allows more efficient loading, unloading, and maneuvering in trailers and storage areas of manufacturing environments. The sides of the box have the ability to be released and collapsed into a stackable and compact unit. When the walls are locked up into place, they have the ability to be stacked on top of each other, typically up to six high while protecting your product.
Plastic collapsible containers also come have the option of coming in Heavy-Duty Style boxes and Extended Length collapsible containers. Such plastic collapsible containers typically range in size from 30×32 in length x width to 70 x 48, with height variations of 25 to 50 inches.
Container Exchanger offers you the ability to purchase high quality collapsible containers on the used secondary market as well as maximizing your ROI if you are looking to sell some used plastic collapsible containers or metal collapsible containers.
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Green and Economical Inventory Control – Wire & Wire Mesh Containers

Wire containers and wire mesh containers are very durable and provide the user with the ability for quick content visibility of the wire container, along with easy identification for inventory control. The wire mesh containers also have the added benefit of being stackable and collapsible while promoting material flow and more efficient stock control.
Perhaps more importantly, as companies across North America are becoming more cognizant of the importance of conservation, wire containers and wire mesh containers are sturdy and durable products which offer the opportunity to be reused many times.  At the end of its useful life, it can also be recycled.  This type of returnable packaging has aided companies, particularly in the United States to act as leaders in environmental protection and energy conservation.Collapsible Wire Basket
Wire mesh containers are very popular and widely used throughout many industries for bulk material handling. Combining the dual ability of being light but strong – they have lots of muscle with a low weight-to-load ratio, and can easily be stacked 3-4 high providing a high amount of visibility while conserving space and making it easy to see inventory.
Mattel Toys is a United States company which switched to wire mesh containers within its plant in Murray, Kentucky. Producing all types of toys, Mattel’s previous usage of plastic bins or corrugated boxes was made obsolete by the switch to the wire containers. The zinc-plated wire container that Mattel switched to will not rust and wire containers have the added benefit if being able to be fitted with casters allowing them to be towed several at a time.
If you’re interested in purchasing wire mesh containers, can be a good source for both new and used wire containers. Most of the wire containers offered by Container Exchanger are steel, but some come as galvanized or zinc-plated as well. Be sure to read the listings thoroughly to determine the exact style of wire container you are purchasing.
There are two types of wire containers available, the collapsible wire container and the rigid wire containers. Collapsible wire containers are typically lighter than rigid, with a weight capacity of 1,500 to 4,000 lbs.
Rigid wire containers are able to withstand a great deal of abuse and thus are more durable. Their square tube construction on the corner posts allow for easy stacking of the wire container and Container Exchanger has a very nice inventory of these type containers at great value pricing.
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