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What Do Festival Logistics Include?

what do festival logistics include
These days, when you put on an event, you really can’t afford to mess anything up. If you do, you risk a costly, potentially irreversible black mark on your reputation. For example, you might remember hearing about the notorious Fyre Festival from last year. Thousands of expensive tickets were sold, travel arrangements were made and commercials were filmed, only for the festival’s organizers to fail miserably in the logistics department. The caterer dropped out, the accommodations fell through and, inevitably, people left the festival in droves. This is an example of how not to run your festival. Continue reading

Dos and Don’ts of Warehouse Tire Storage


If you deal with tires in your warehouse, fulfillment center, logistics company or dealership, you need a safe, reliable way to store them. Tires are like any other commodity within your business—they’re inventory, nothing more and nothing less. Therefore, you have to do everything you can to prevent damage to ensure that you don’t lose money. Rule No. 1 of tire storage is to always use high-quality, reliable industrial racking systems to keep vulnerable materials out of harm’s way. Continue reading