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The Many Uses for Wood Crates

Wood crates are one of the most versatile inventions. In addition to being used heavily for shipping items all across the world, wood crates can be used for a variety of things in your own home. For example, many people use wood crates as-is in order to create a cost effective decorative shelving system. Others have added wheels or castors to the bottoms of existing wooden crates to create rolling storage solutions that can be used for anything from children’s toys to business files and more. Still yet, others have taken them apart in order to create a rustic looking set of stairs. There really aren’t any limitations for what you can use wood crates for in either your home or office.
The reason that wood crates are so desirable as home or business storage options is that they are extremely cost effective. Buying used wood crates is not only environmentally friendly, but very cheap as well.
The main issue with wood crates is that they are relatively scarce unless you know where to look. Container Exchanger offers businesses and private citizens the opportunity to purchase new and used wood crates at a discounted price. They can do this because they have developed a large network of suppliers all across North America that are looking to offer quality wood crates at a competitive price. Whether you need a few wood crates or a few hundred, Container Exchanger can connect you with a supplier who can meet your needs.
So, if you are looking for a unique way to address your storage needs, consider using wood crates from Container Exchanger. There is no more versatile solution on the market today. For more information regarding the types of wood crates that are available from Container Exchanger or to find out how to order click here.

Pallet Containers in the Movies

Pallet Containers – Keep Movie Budgets under Control 
The job of a movie producer is to keep the filming budget under control. This can involve purchasing, renting or leasing pallet containers when movie scenes are filmed near shipping docks or warehouses. In movies, it’s the job of props techs to acquire pallet containers for specific scenes. Used pallet containers are the most popular among movie property management.
Used Pallet Containers – The Right Prop for Filming 
Props in movies have to be sized for convenient camera angles and to enhance the scene. In concert with movie techs known as grips, used pallet containers are often set on tracks so they can be maneuvered to suit a specific camera angle.
Container Exchange – The Best Source for Used Pallet Containers 
Movie budgets are kept under control with used pallet containers to store props and costumes. There are a broad range of sizes of used pallet containers for convenient storage. Many of these are collapsible which provides additional storage and is a cost-effective way of keeping movie expenses within budget. They are available in a wide range of colors. Props technicians prefer used pallet containers they can color code for easier identification and storage on movie sets.
Pallet Containers in Movies 
Today’s used pallet containers appear in warehouse scenes in movies like “The Heat,” “The Expendables” and “The Jackal.” One of the most famous warehouse scenes in movies is the recent film “The Heat.” TV programs like “Law and Order SVU” often film near warehouses and docks where used pallet containers are part of the scene.