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How to Find the Right Bulk Container for Your Merchandise?

When industries, factories, and other production units want to store their products, they opt for bulk storage solutions so that more items can be stored in the least amount of space possible.
If you are looking for the perfect bulk container that will satisfy all of your particular storing specifications, then there are a number of bulk containers that can be used for various storing purposes. Some of these include:
Bulk Bags – Flexible and large storage bags that can be used to store sand, grains and other flowing and dry goods.
Wire Baskets – Easy to stack baskets made of wire mesh that allows for enhanced visibility of the products stored within.
Pallet Containers – Flat platforms on which heavy machinery and merchandise can be placed for easy lifting and transportation with the help of cranes and forklifts.
Stack Racks – Racks with easy to remove metal shelves that allow for installation of small as well as large goods.
Gaylord Boxes – Boxes made out of layers of cardboard that can retain their shape under pressure and are used along with pallets containers for convenient stacking and storage.
Wood Crates – Wooden crates made of firm framework that can transport delicate or uneven shaped objects within them with ease.
IBC Totes – Immediate Bulk Containers, known as IBCs and used for the storage of liquid goods, such as, chemicals, oil, food ingredients, etc.
Bulk containers are not only available new varieties. You can also choose to purchase a used bulk storing solution that is as efficient as a new one. All of the above containers and more are being sold in the market today in new and used versions. So find the one that is suitable for your storage area and make the most of your space!

Industrial Drums – How Important Are They?

Container drums have been in use since ancient times when clay drums and oak barrels Drumswere used to store a host of items. Storage and drums go together perfectly. It’s for this reason that these drums have grown in popularity and necessity. Today, business, warehouses and industrial facilities all rely on drums as containers for a wide variety of products like liquids, solids, powders and granules. This clearly shows the how important businesses and commercial enterprises consider drums.
A Drum Container for Every Need
Drums are available in wood, metal, plastic, cardboard and fiberboard. They can be purchased new or used. The 55-gallon drum is the most common. This size is favored for shipping large volumes of drums over long distances over land, rail or sea. It’s the most commonly purchased size. There are other sizes like 12-gallon, 30-gallon, 52 and 77 gallon drums.
Businesses choose used drums over new for storage containers for warehousing and end-product storage of processing materials. Drums are sold with seals and lids that prevent spillage. Another popular use for used plastic drums is recycling. In many local municipalities, used plastic drums are distributed for the collection of glass, metal and plastic recyclable items. For businesses, these drums are a cost-effective way to maintain storage space.
Warehouses Need Drums for Storage
“Land ports” have grown in nearly every state. Land ports are huge warehousing complexes that need drums for storage. Warehouses operate more efficiently when space is fluid and available. Used storage drums help maintain adequate warehouse storage space. In production facilities, used drums are the best way to expedite shipping via truck or rail to ports of export or import. 55-gallon drums stack neatly onto pallets for convenient transport to truck or rail car.

Discover the Difference Made with Bulk Size Insulated Containers

Large bulk size insulated containers constructed from food grade plastics and materials are ideal for storing, shipping and displaying fish and other food items that must be kept cold. Bulk can help restaurants, shipping companies and food markets store their food at safe temperatures for a wide variety of industry applications.
Restaurants are required to keep fish and other perishable foods at safe temperatures that prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria. While walk-in freezers and other industry refrigeration methods can be used for cold storage, insulated bulk food grade containers can help keep food at the ideal temperature even when food is out on the counter during preparation. Insulated containers are ideal for sushi preparation or any other restaurant situation where raw foods must be kept at a low temperature right up to the moment they are served.
Shipping companies utilize food grade containers when transporting highly perishable foods such as fresh seafood and dairy products. Insulated containers are perfect for dry ice storage, and can help keep foods cold even when outside temperatures soar. Shipping companies are often required to store and move perishable goods in various and sometimes unpredictable environments and food grade containers allow them to exercise more control over their storage situations.
In markets that sell fresh meat, seafood and other perishable items, insulated containers allow them to display their products in an appealing way, keeping the food at a safe low temperature while allowing customers to shop in the comfortable warmth of a heated market. Storage containers the keep displayed food cold help shop owners arrange food for more appealing displays, while preventing the growth of harmful bacteria that thrive in warmer temperatures. Insulated containers can even help preserve food in outdoor and open air markets where temperatures and conditions can change unexpectedly.

Metal Bins – Steel Tubs

Metal storage bins utilize metal frames and solid walls to provide a lot of product protection.  These solid sided steel containers can be used as storage containers for manufactured goods or castings, or they can be used as small metal shipping containers to ship very heavy product over long distances. Steel tubs are truly flexible in their application, whether you’re shipping brand new castings or collect scrap metal, a metal bin is a great heavy-duty storage option.
The metal version of bulk bins can be collapsible, folding or rigid. Metal bulk containers often have several options to fit your needs, including: drop doors, stackable, solid walls, lifting lugs for lifting with a crane, fork tubes for rotating the bins, heavy-duty gauge steel, heavy-duty load capacity, and the size of the container.
Rigid Metal Bins
Rigid metal bulk containers are especially suited to any kind of heavy-duty application such as metal working plants, metal stamping, forging, casting, etc. Rigid steel bins are often suited to handle 4,000 lbs or more and can be stacked several bins high. When purchasing heavy-duty rigid metal containers, you may want to pay attention to the gauge of the wire mesh as a good indication to the capabilities of the container.
Folding (Collapsible) Metal Bins
Folding metal storage bins tend to be lighter duty than the rigid metal storage bins. Collapsible containers tend to be weight rated between 1,500 and 4,000 lbs. The collapsible metal bins are a nice option for a small metal shipping bin. They work well in this situation, because the sides of the container can be folded down, thereby reducing the size of an empty container. The collapsed storage bin can be stacked in a corner of the warehouse, or they can be loaded onto a trailer for return shipment to your plant.
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Advantages of Purchasing Used Stack Racks as Storage Solutions

Stack Racks are one of the most commonly used and flexible stacking and shelving solution available in the storage industry. They are widely utilized in warehouses, factories, shipping companies, cold storage and tire storage; etc.
These racks are made of metal in a pallet style with upright poles extending from it at internals. As these racks are sturdy and durable, they can be reused time and time again. Thus, buying a used stack rack is an advantageous deal for you, especially if you need long term storage solution for your production unit.
Some other pros of purchasing a used stack rack are:

Additional Racks

When the base of the stack rack is fixed with the upright poles, additional racks and shelves can be added to them, allowing for more storage space for smaller items.

Easy Transportation

When cranes lift pallets from the ground, they have to lift each one individually so that they do not drop the stack. However, both new and used stack racks have a number of shelves, all of them being firmly connected to the base pallet. Thus, it allows for easy lifting and transfer of the shelves from one place to another.

Convenient Storage

To store the used stack racks in a small space; you can disassemble it to get a pallet base, the upright poles and the shelves. Each of these items can them conveniently be stored separately until needed for future use.
If a stack rack does not have removable poles, then it is often built in a manner to nest within other used stack racks of the same size and design. Thus, rather than storing each one individually, you can stack and nest them together in a formation, saving storage space.
Whether you want to ease the vertical storage of carpet rolls and pipes, or are just looking for a stackable and firm solution for storing your goods; a used stack rack or even a new one, can fulfill this purpose in an effective manner.

Used Plastic Nesting Shipping Totes Are the Perfect Solution for Shipping Product

For companies or businesses that need to safely ship products or materials, shipping totes are a popular method of transport. These totes, which are constructed of high-quality polyurethane or HDPE plastic, are incredibly rugged, waterproof, resilient to chemicals, and will not corrode, weaken, or decompose over time. Additionally, shipping totes are much more inexpensive than their metal or wood-based shipping alternatives, making them the popular pick for businesses around the world.
From a design standpoint, plastic shipping totes rarely contain internal dunnage. This is because most shipping containers are nested, which allows them to be stacked on top of each other to save space in cramped shipping containers. Nested containers are characterized by their smooth exterior and raised sidewalls, which allows the totes to fit inside each other as you stack them.S-n Tote-2
Besides polyurethane or HDPE, shipping containers are sometimes made out of wire mesh or fiberglass, two rigid, durable materials that are slightly heavier than the aforementioned plastic types.
Pallet ContainerThe most popular types of shipping totes are from manufacturers like Akro, Buckhorn, Orbis, and Schaefer. Unlike cardboard boxes – that have a tendency to break or weaken during transit – shipping containers are long-lasting. As a consequence, buying shipping totes new or used are both excellent options. For businesses on a budget, purchasing totes secondhand over the Internet is a great way to ensure that your products or materials are transported safely without breaking the bank.
Although shipping totes are generally used for shipping materials, they are also useful as storage containers, too. The raised lip on a shipping tote makes it easy to carry, while its flat bottom allows the tote to be stored either on the ground or on a shelving unit. Like other types of plastic containers, shipping totes are capable of holding tools, materials, partially assembled parts, and paperwork.

Selecting Used Bulk Bags for Storage and Transportation of Goods

If you are looking for a flexible bulk container that can store and transport dry products from one place to another; opt for a bulk bag. New as well as used bulk bags are perfect for transferring easy flowing and dry goods; such as sand, plastic granules, fertilizers; etc.

Features of Bulk Bags

Bulk baBulk Bag Newgs are made of durable plastic that is woven together for a stronger bag that can withstand a large amount of weight. Due to its long life, bulk bags can be bought in used condition for a cheaper purchase. The amount of weight that the bulk bag can carry varies with the type of used bulk bag you purchase, some holding as much as a 1000kg or even more.
Varying in sizes and weight limits, used bulk bags also differ in their manufacturing designs. Some of them have strap located at the top of the bag so that it can easily be lifted by cranes or other machines, while there are others that have a spout located at the bottom of the bag that can be opened to empty it without tearing or cutting the bag open from the top.


Bulk bags are not only used to transport construction materials and industrial goods. Even food products like, nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables can be transported in these large bags to ensure that they reach their destination safely without the bag being ripped open or damaged.
Thus, whether you want transport edible items or raw materials for a construction project, bulk bags can provide you with flexible containers for your products. Choose a high quality new or used bulk bags for the shipment of your dry goods so that your merchandise arrives at its destination without fail.
Check out some of Bulk Bags options here:

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Stacking Totes – Straight Wall Totes

Stackable industrial totes can be used for shipping or storing specialized products, especially in manufacturing. The small stackable bins work best for small assemblies and plastic parts. These straight-wall containers provide well-organized stacking in trucks, warehouses and on pallets. Often straight wall industrial totes contain internal dunnage and part dividers to help protect these parts and keep them safe.
Stacking TotePlastic stackable straight wall industrial totes are often made from, a very strong material that enables the containers to last for several years. Straight-wall containers offer a significant cost savings when compared with cardboard boxes. While most plastic totes are made from plastic; wire mesh or fiberglass totes could also fit into this category. These totes rarely have lids, because the products are protected by the stacking nature of the totes. The most common straight wall tote manufacturers are Orbis, Buckhorn, Schaefer and Akro.
Check out some of the options of production totes we have:

7.5″ x 12″ Straight Wall Containers
12″ x 15″ Straight Wall Containers
24″ x 15″ Straight Wall Containers
24″ x 22″ Straight Wall Containers
32″ x 15″ Straight Wall Containers
48″ x 15″ Straight Wall Containers
Other Sized Straight Wall Containers

Container Exchanger Provides Laundry Carts That Make Laundry Tasks Easier

There are many chores and errands that are considered unavoidable. These are certain functions of life that must be tended to in order to live happily, clean, and in order. Doing laundry is an errand that not only promotes health and cleanliness; it is also a form of a stress reliever. The average family actually does nearly 10 loads of laundry per week! That statistic alone goes to show how much we value cleanliness as a society. It is imperative to ensure that cleanliness is a value that is not only instilled for the benefits of the individual and their family, but also for everyone else in the environment.Laundry Cart
There is nothing more refreshing than walking into a building that is floating in smells of lavender and Irish spring scents of laundry detergent. In completing laundry tasks, it is important to ensure that one is equipped with the proper equipment. By utilizing Laundry Carts, the individual or group of people that are conducting loads of laundry can benefit from having an easier time in doing so. Laundry carts can come in different shapes and sizes, and offer users an opportunity to conduct their laundry loads with organization and orderliness. As some loads can take up a whole lot of space, laundry carts enable users to complete their tasks in the quickest times without losing any articles of clothing or fabric of any kind.
There are several industries and individuals that can benefit from using laundry carts. They are most commonly used in apartments, hotels, hospitals, senior homes, athletic locker rooms, homes, dorm rooms, and anywhere else people may be using as a place to reside in either momentarily, or permanently. Anyone that takes great care of themselves and their belongings, or even cares for others by helping them with theirs, can benefit from utilizing laundry carts.