Wire Baskets Come in all Shapes and Sizes for a Variety of Applications

Wire baskets are the ideal way to store or transport both fragile and solid goods. Fabricated of strong steel, they provide protection on all sides for goods. When storing goods over a long period of time, these containers are resistant to any bumps from internal equipment. They provide a neat holding place and can also be stacked to save space. Many styles come with options for casters. If the container needs to be move from one location to another within a storage facility, wire baskets with caster make for easy transport. If your company ships containers on a regular basis, wire baskets can secure the product over long distances.
Collapsible Wire BasketWire baskets come in all sizes and different styles. With drop gates, these practical storage containers can easily be collapsed, stacked and stored neatly in any facility. This makes for an efficient use of interior space. Companies also have options to have wire baskets custom designed to meet unique needs. Choose the size, the gauge of steel, load capacity and size. Having a wire basket build to your specifications will ensure that you get a wire basket for your range of applications.
Today, wire basket fabricating companies offer an even broader range of wire baskets. These containers can be made of plain steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel. Interlocking, stitched partitions, suspended sling systems and plain or protective laminated surfaces with specialty die cut are available.
Wire baskets with lids are ideal for product protection on all sides. Wire baskets with handles make it easy to lift and carry. Baskets with dividers ensure organization and protection from one product to the other.
In addition to storage, many industries require wire baskets in their production process for parts washing, ultrasonic cleaning, heat treating or to degrease parts. Wire baskets used for these types of applications are typically custom ordered. The design of the wire basket is dependent on whether or not the basket will be exposed to high temperatures and the optimal number of parts in the basket. With today’s technology, these wire baskets are constructed in a welding department using robots to make the dimensional parts and to weld parts together for high tolerance. Typical finishes include epoxy coating, chrome plating, electro polish and nylon coating. Antimicrobial coatings can even be applied for infection control. Once the wire baskets are completed, they are shrink-wrapped, packed securely and delivered to the customer.
Along with having wire baskets custom fabricated, companies can save money purchasing used wire baskets or sell their old ones back to the company that they purchased them from. Some companies that sell wire baskets act as third parties and will negotiate a sale with a new buyer. It’s the ideal way for businesses to save on operating expenses and achieve maximum ROI.
Getting a quote for wire baskets is easy. Most companies today offer online quote forms for a quick price. For custom orders, they offer one-on-one consultation to discuss your unique needs. Application needs and design will be thoroughly discussed to ensure the product is to your specifications.
New Wire Baskets
Standard sizes are 40x48x36, 40x48x42, both galvanized wire baskets with and without drop gates.  We have also have rigid wire baskets for heavy-duty applications.
Collapsible Wire Baskets
Available in a variety of sizes; some of our most popular are:

  • 40x32x34
  • 48x40x30
  • 48x40x36
  • 48x40x42

GM 5131 54×44 style bins