Why You Should Utilize Waterproof Storage Options

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When we think of storage, we usually mean keeping something safe for long periods at a time. But if you’re going to store something at your warehouse or facility, keeping these items in a container that’s not waterproof doesn’t make a lot of sense. Even if you plan on storing these items inside in a safe location, all kinds of unexpected situations could put these items at risk if some moisture gets into the room. Wood crates and other non-waterproof storage materials can leave your business vulnerable, especially if your customers are counting on you to keep their goods safe and dry. Find out now why every business should utilize waterproof storage containers for more peace of mind.

Floods, Leaks and Spills

Regardless of what business you’re in or where your facility is located, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong. Your facility could easily flood if your area experiences a heavy rainstorm, especially if you’re keeping your goods in the basement or on a lower level. The floor above you could spring a leak, sending water shooting through the ceiling. If your business is located near the coast, rising sea levels and tropical storms are another reason to invest in waterproof storage. If one of these nightmare scenarios were to occur, you might wake up to find the entire storage area filled with standing water.

Beyond floods, there’s also a chance that one of your employees could spill some liquid on the floor. If your business handles fluids of some kind, a container could burst open, spreading water across your entire facility. Even just a small amount of water could damage some valuable items and put your packaging materials at risk. This could also lead to the spread of mold, which may not be covered by insurance.

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All-Weather Storage               

When you’re trying to keep an item safe, you should be prepared for all kinds of situations and conditions. And that includes the weather. Your goods may be exposed to the elements if a massive storm were to damage your facility, such as a tree falling through the roof. If part of your business involves transporting goods from one location to another, you may encounter a wide variety of unfortunate travel conditions. The truck might break down, a plane might have to make an emergency landing or negligent handlers could leave your items outside longer than you had anticipated.

Whatever the situation might be, you can rest assured that your packages and goods will be delivered intact if you protect them with waterproof storage. If these goods are exposed to the elements for any period of time, a plastic or waterproof container will give your packages the support they need to withstand wind, rain, snow, sleet and mud. These containers are also noncorrosive, so you can use them more than once and leave them outside if you’re short on space.

Durable and Secure

When you choose waterproof containers, you’ll be getting more than just a box that can sit out in the rain all day. These kinds of storage materials are designed to withstand all kinds of wear and tear, making them the best choice for your business. If a bulk container qualifies as waterproof, it will be made with strong, long-lasting materials that will protect your goods under a wider range of circumstances than a gaylord box.

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You can also reuse these storage containers as many times as you need without worrying about them breaking down over time. Wood and cardboard storage solutions tend to wear down with age, which means your company will need to buy new shipping materials every time it needs to transport an item. You can reduce your overhead expenses by investing in durable, reliable storage solutions that will last the test of time.

More Peace of Mind

As a business owner or manager, you have plenty of things to worry about. If there’s an accident on the road or a leak in your building, you’ll need to focus on solving all kinds of problems. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your goods and merchandise are intact. You can give yourself some peace of mind by using containers that are designed to protect your goods under any circumstance.

While a flood or transportation setbacks can be a headache for your business, damaging a customer’s goods will be the real nail in the coffin. You can always fix the leaky roof or improve your transportation methods, but you would still be losing a customer and damaging your reputation because you were using poorly made storage containers.

Don’t leave your merchandise vulnerable. Invest in some quality waterproof storage materials today!