6 Advantages of Using Stack Racks in Your Fulfillment Centers 

worker picking in fulfillment warehouse

For online retailers, the average cost to fulfill an order is 70 percent of the average order value. You can simplify the order fulfillment process by changing the way you organize and manage your fulfillment center. Your facility will need to change over time as demand fluctuates and shoppers adjust their buying habits. Stack racks are the perfect solution for your order fulfillment center. They help you make the most of your facility, so you can retrieve items more efficiently and get orders out the door as fast as possible. Find out about the many benefits of stack racks.

1. Flexibility with the Layout of Your Facility

As buying trends come and go, consider rearranging the layout of your facility so that your most popular products are stationed closer to the loading dock. Stack racks are a flexible storage solution that aren’t rooted to the ground, so you can quickly move them around as your needs change over time. You can move less-popular items to the back and best-selling items to the front, experiment with different layouts to boost efficiency and rearrange racks to make room for new equipment.

Stack racks are also easy to assemble and disassemble so you can quickly break them down and move them aside when they’re not in use. As you continue taking on new products and discontinuing others, you can change your storage system accordingly. Your facility is always changing, and your warehouse racking system should do the same.

2. Reduce Stacking and Product Damage

Stacking containers and products on top of each other can result in product damage, especially when it comes to long-term storage. If an item is damaged during the order fulfillment process, it could jeopardize your relationship with your customers or clients. But you can reduce over-stacking and product damage by storing your inventory on stack racks. This allows you to separate your products, which also makes them easier to retrieve. You can preserve your storage containers and increase your output by not having to worry about unexpected product damage.

warehouse with stack racks

3. Cut Down Costs for Replacement Pallets

Pallets, specifically wooden pallets, can easily take a beating in your order fulfillment center. You may find yourself buying new pallets every other month as they begin to chip and break down over time. But you can reduce the number of wooden pallets in your facility by using stack racks instead. The base of the rack can be used as a pallet, so your workers can quickly retrieve certain items with a forklift without having to worry about picking up and putting down pallets. This will help you reduce your order fulfillment costs.

4. Versatile for All Your Order Fulfillment Needs

Stack racks aren’t just perfect for storing and organizing your inventory. They also work as shipping racks, meaning you can get your packages out the door as quickly as possible. Arrange your packages according to destination, pickup time, weight or some other identifying factor to speed up the loading process. Your workers can easily access your packages without second-guessing themselves. Keeping your packages up high also decreases the chances of damage before they go out for delivery.

warehouse aisle with stacked cardboard boxes

5. Require Minimal Maintenance

Stack racks are made with durable materials that won’t break down over time. You don’t have to worry about your racking system breaking down over time or falling apart at the least opportune moment. Your products can sit on the shelf for months or even years at a time without damaging your stack racks. This makes stacks racks perfect for storing large, bulky items. Stack racks are a sound investment for any order fulfillment center. You can go about your daily routine without constantly repairing or adjusting your stack racks.

6. Reduce Labor Costs

As you optimize your facility to increase efficiency, your workers won’t have to work as hard to get orders out the door. They can quickly retrieve the products they need, arrange packages for shipment and load transportation vehicles in less time, which helps you reduce your labor costs. Your workers will feel empowered knowing that they’re using their time more wisely instead of chasing down popular products at the back of your facility. Improve your operations in a way that benefits your workers.

Stack racks will help you improve the order fulfillment process in more ways than one. Invest in a warehouse racking system today to increase efficiency.