Weather the Storm: Why Metal Storage Containers Are the Go-To Packaging for Harsh Weather

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Worried about keeping your equipment and goods safe during stormy weather? Storing products during harsh weather can be a major challenge, especially if you’re using unreliable storage containers. You never know when a strong gust of wind or a falling tree might wreak havoc on your facility, potentially costing your business a small fortune. That’s why you need to make sure all your storage containers can withstand the wrath of a major storm.

Learn more about why metal storage bins are the go-to choice for protecting your products from harsh weather.

Dependable Shipping and Storage

Metal storage containers are made from sturdy, thick pieces of metal that can withstand just about anything. Here are just some of the reasons you should invest in some metal storage bins.

  • Waterproof

Metal storage bins feature a tight seal that’s practically impenetrable. And that includes water. You can let these storage containers sit out in the rain, and your products and equipment will still be safe and dry. You don’t have to worry about wrapping individual items in plastic before you store them outside.

  • Durability

Nothing could be more durable than a heavy-duty metal box. These containers come with six reinforced metal walls that won’t cave under pressure. You could throw the box around — if you could pick it up — and everything inside would still be intact. If a strong gust of wind manages to move one of your storage containers around, the damage to it will be slim to none.

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You also don’t have to worry about floods carrying your equipment out to sea. Unlike plastic containers, these metal boxes will sink straight to the bottom, firmly attaching themselves to the earth. Even a massive wave won’t be able to move your equipment far from home.

  • Weight

Metal storage bins can weigh as much as 500 pounds or more. That means a storm would have to be truly powerful for it to inflict any damage whatsoever on your goods or equipment. Try picking up one of these metal boxes by hand and you won’t get very far. Storing your items in a metal box is like welding them to the ground. The chances of these boxes getting pushed around are exceedingly remote, regardless of what’s happening outside.

  • Unsurpassed Protection

Overall, these boxes know how to keep your supplies and equipment secure, even in the midst of the most unforgiving of storms. The metal walls are thick enough to stand up against flying tree branches, crushing winds and torrential flooding. If you’re looking for more peace of mind, metal storage bins can provide just that.

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Factors to Keep in Mind

Despite all the advantages of using metal bins for storage, there are some additional safe handling factors that you need to keep in mind.

  • Rust

While metal bins will keep your products and equipment dry, there’s always a chance they may rust if you leave them outside in wet conditions for a long period of time. Try to move your metal containers out of the rain by putting up a tarp. Even if you leave them outside for months or years on end, it will take a while for your bins to rust.

  • Trouble Moving Displaced Items

Metal bins weigh down your equipment so that they won’t get carried off in a storm. But there’s always a chance that some of these containers might stray a few feet from home. If a major storm manages to move these containers around, you’ll most likely need to use a forklift to move the bin back into its original position.

  • Possible Injury

While these metal bins won’t get far, they’re so heavy that they may injure a member of your team or a member of the community. If these containers get off the ground, they could do some damage to a nearby structure or vehicle, hurting someone inside. Just to be safe, you can always chain your metal bins to the ground so that there’s no chance of them inflicting damage on someone or something.

When it comes to protecting your equipment and products from stormy weather, the choice is clear. Nothing gives you more peace of mind or protection than metal storage bins. Regardless of what kind of items you’re looking to store, you can keep them safe by wrapping them in metal. Keep storm damage to a minimum and invest in some metal bins today!