What Is the Role of Warehousing in Supply Chain Management?

What Is the Role of Warehousing in Supply Chain Management?

Warehousing plays a key role in the supply chains of companies that need to manage physical inventory. A warehouse with the right layout, storage features and operations can do a lot to help a business thrive. The design of most warehouses lends itself to easy stacking and storage of items. For example, a pallet container is an easily stackable mode of storage that can be shipped around the world with confidence that its contents will stay in place.

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Simplification of Inventory

Warehousing in supply chain management offers a way to simplify taking inventory. Keeping as many products together as possible makes it more convenient to group related items. Having your inventory in one main place allows for backtracking or revising an area.

Metal bins with lids can be used for products such as tools and other supplies like screws and gears. You might choose to only use metal bins for certain products, which can help cut down time when doing inventory. When your employees know exactly what is in the metal bins, it will cut down search time and increase efficiency. 

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Reduced Risk of Loss

Maintaining a warehouse keeps all your products under one roof. Regardless of how good your security is, the more contained your storage space is, the lower the chance someone can walk off with products. You will need cameras and/or security for inventory that is kept in a warehouse where it can be monitored 24/7.

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Speedier Fulfillment

Industrial wire baskets can be used for many types of products and make it easier for pickers to see the item they need to pick. This saves time since products are easy to see and there is no need to open a box or receptacle to access the item. A warehouse with smart storage solutions that speed up the picking process can greatly improve the efficiency of your company’s supply chain.

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Location of Product

Supply chain slowdowns often occur when your product cannot be shipped to the consumer in a reasonable amount of time. Part of that equation is having your product in a location that is easily accessible so that it can be transported or sold directly from the warehouse.

If your client base is in a particular area, you will likely benefit from warehouse locations that are close to distribution centers and stores where your customers shop. If there is no concern about shipping to other areas or internationally, a strategically placed central location for your warehouse will benefit you and your customers.

Assembly Simplification

If your product requires assembly, the time to gather the assorted parts will be shorter if they are all in one location. Keeping tools, parts and instructions close to each other will help speed the completed order to your customer.

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Your Warehouse Is Key in Supply Chain Management

Container Exchanger gives priority to your warehousing needs in supply chain management. Your location, the way you store your products and the manner in which you present yourself to your customers say a lot about how you and your company are viewed.