Warehouse Safety Tips: How Wire Baskets, Pallet Containers and More Can Keep Workers Safe

a pair of warehouse workers mid shift

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The latest statistics from the BLS show there are around 4.8 injuries for every 100 full-time employees in the warehousing industry. That’s 4.8 too many. 

Warehousing is known for its potential hazards, such as those caused by lift trucks, heavy equipment and improper material handling, but this environment doesn’t have to be dangerous. There are several things every facility can do to prevent accidents and workplace injuries. Learn how product packaging can affect employee safety.

Pallet Containers for Efficient, Secure Handling

Most workplace accidents tend to evolve around lift trucks and pallet jacks. These vehicles handle some of the largest loads in the industry.  If used incorrectly, moving these loads could result in disaster. That’s why it’s important to use pallet containers when moving large or bulky merchandise. These containers are designed to fit onto a pallet to keep your employees in control behind the wheel. 

Pallet containers are much less likely to fall off the pallet during transit compared to cardboard boxes. You can also use ratchet straps to further secure the container onto the pallet. The container is made of high-quality plastic, so you can ratchet up the pressure without damaging the contents. Be sure to keep the weight centered in the container with the heaviest items on the bottom. 

Moving goods in bulk improves the ergonomics of your workplace. Your workers can comfortably move larger goods using a lift truck versus moving dozens of smaller containers by hand. Try to limit the number of times your employees have to bend over throughout the day to reduce wear and tear on their joints and muscles.

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Why Moveable Wire Baskets Are the Better Option

When it comes to moving inventory in and around your warehouse, it may be time to ditch the lift truck altogether in certain situations. These machines still have their place, but it’s usually much easier to push around a basket instead. Industrial wire baskets can store all kinds of items and supplies. They also come with wheels for pushing around heavy items without the use of a lift truck. 

Utilize Industrial Wire Baskets in Your Warehouse

This reduces the risk of injury when handling and sorting inventory. Your workers don’t need to be trained to push around a wheeled cart. They can focus on the task at hand without worrying about their health and safety.

Keep the Space Organized

Never underestimate the power of a clean workspace. Warehouse workers are used to roaming around from area to the next throughout the day, so make it easy for them to navigate the space. Trips and falls tend to be common in the warehouse industry. Get rid of garbage, empty containers and miscellaneous products that get in the way. 

Warehouse organization is usually a group effort. Your employees should get in the habit of reshelving products that end up in the wrong spot while throwing away garbage and other items that don’t belong in the space. Team members should conduct regular walkthroughs at the start and end of every shift to make sure the space is usable. 

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Use collapsible containers to make the most of your warehouse space. Folding up empty containers is usually much easier and cheaper than breaking down or recycling cardboard boxes. 

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Use these warehouse organization tips to keep your facility as safe as possible for you and your team. 

Synchronize Your Fleet of Containers

Finally, packaging all your goods in the same types of containers can also help reduce confusion on the job. Different types of containers can complicate matters. Your workers may have to follow different sets of instructions, depending on which container they use, increasing the chances for error. 

Sticking to one type of container can help streamline the shipping process so your workers know exactly what to do when fulfilling orders and preparing packages for shipment. Keep these shipping guidelines posted throughout the loading dock to keep everyone on the same page.

To Conclude

Warehouses are always changing, so do your best to make things easier on your employees. The right container can make all the difference in the world. Keep these tips in mind as you look for ways to improve the safety of your facility.