Types of Used Plastic Totes

Production units and manufacturing facilities used totes to transport heavy equipment and products from one part of the facility to another. As plastic is a durable and strong material, purchasing used plastic totes can be a cost effective way of providing your business with a means of transporting goods with the help of totes. There are three major types of used plastic totes:

Stacking Totes

Used plastic totes that can be stack on top of one another are commonly used in industries and factories, where they can be a cheaper option when compared to cardboard boxes and other stackable options. Plastic is long lasting, resists wear and tear and is strong enough to withstand heavy weights.
Although stackable totes do not usually have lids, the formation of the stack can provide a top cover for each tote that is placed beneath it.

Nesting Totes

Nesting totes are mostly used to transfer goods that are in the process of production. They can carry large as well as small items and are good for use on conveyer belts that allow materials to be conveyed throughout the factory as its takes It final form and becomes a complete product.
When not in use, used plastic totes can be placed in a pile, fitted or nested into one another, allowing for easy storage with small space consumption.

Stacking and Nesting Totes

Used plastic totes are also available in a stacking and nesting variety that allows for added flexibility in using and storing them. Most industrial units purchase these totes for their stacking features which allows for easy transportation of goods and space saving storage also becomes possible with the nesting feature when the plastic totes are not being used.
Thus, choose the type of used plastic tote that can provide you with optimum benefits and functionality according to your industrial and manufacturing needs and save your business from costly transportation and shipping costs.