Utilizing Wire Storage Bins: A Manufacturer’s Guide

wire baskets for shipping

Manufacturers continue to depend on a wide range of containers and equipment when it comes to generating their products and getting orders out the door, but none may be as important as the almighty wire storage bin. These containers come in all shapes and sizes, helping companies large and small handle their inventory and supplies with added efficiency.

If you’re in the manufacturing business and you have yet to make use of these versatile containers, it’s important to learn more about the benefits of utilizing wire collapsible baskets.

Sorting Incoming Materials and Supplies

Wire baskets and bulk metal containers are the ideal choices when it comes to storing incoming products and supplies. These containers are large enough to hold large quantities of materials without putting your materials at risk. With built-in wheels, your team can quickly move your materials without using lift trucks or dollies. With the open edges, you can also lay or hang your supplies over the edges of the container for extra space.

These containers are also completely collapsible, helping you make the most of your warehouse space. As the manufacturing industry speeds up, so do warehouse rental rates. Currently, the average base rental rate for a warehouse is $0.85 per square foot per month. If you’re cramped for space, fold up your empty containers when they are not in use, so your employees can move through the space freely. Collapsible containers will also help you stay flexible as demand continues to fluctuate. You can quickly deploy a set of wire baskets as new orders come in the door.

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Moving Inventory Throughout Your Facility

Wire baskets and bulk containers can help you organize your facility. Use these containers to quickly collect unused materials off the manufacturing floor. You can either put these materials back into the supply chain or send them out for recycling. With a wheeled container, your employees can clean the floor of your facility more efficiently.

You can also use these containers to swiftly move your products and supplies throughout your warehouse. Your team won’t have to mess with bulky equipment when transporting goods. Moving inventory becomes as simple as push and walk.

woman pushing cart through factory aisle

Storing Inventory for Added Visibility

Have you considered using bulk metal storage containers and baskets to store your products on the shelf? One of the main benefits of metal storage containers is the visibility they provide. Since they are made with mesh, you can see the contents inside without opening the container.  Your employees will be able to quickly scan their surroundings and find the products they need without having to mess with lids and labels. They can bring these items to the loading dock as fast as possible and will help to speed up your entire order retrieval process.

Keeping your inventory visible also helps you avoid confusion in your facility by decreasing the chances that an employee will accidentally place items in the wrong container. With fewer inventory mishaps, your team can move from one task to the next as soon as possible.

If you’re worried about products falling through the cracks of the container, remember that wire baskets and bulk containers come in varying sizes and mesh patterns, including those for small items.

Increased Durability When Shipping

Not only are wired storage bins great for sorting, storing, and moving inventory, but they are also great for shipping. Since they are much more durable than cardboard boxes and plastic totes, you don’t have to worry about your goods being damaged along the way. You can ship your goods with greater peace of mind because these containers are made with thick bars of metal or steel that won’t bend or break during transit.

Using wheeled containers also speeds up the shipping process. Carriers won’t have to use forklifts when moving your products on and off the truck and your customers will be delighted to know their products will arrive intact and on time.

Manufacturers will find numerous benefits when using wire baskets. Keep these tips in mind to maximize output through your containers.