Cash for Used Wood Pallets?

Container Exchanger offers a new unique marketplace to buy and sell used wood pallets.
ATLANTA, September 17, 2012 – Container Exchanger announced today that they have added Used Wood Pallets to their online packaging marketplace. This disruptive marketplace turns the traditional pallet industry on its head and now allows a company with excess used pallets to sell them to another end user directly.
Wood is the most common pallet materials in the United States and according to a study by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the USDA Forestry Service, 700 million pallets are manufactured and repaired each year.  Many companies and businesses end up throwing away or giving away their used pallets due to a lack of good options.  Now these companies can start saving serious money.  By using the Container Exchanger service, these companies can find large volume buyers for the excess pallets.
Container Exchanger has been providing these same services for 7 years in their returnable packaging business.  They’ve successfully facilitated thousands of transaction for metal and plastic bulk containers, Gaylord boxes, bulk bags, totes, and IBC totes.  David Madden, the founder of Container Exchanger got the idea for the company after seeing lots of very expensive and perfectly good bulk containers go unused after just a couple years of service in the automotive industry.  Madden, like many entrepreneurs knew there was a better way.  He started the Container Exchanger website, and began growing the company while simultaneously obtaining an MBA from Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business.
Mr. Madden states: “Wood Pallets are a natural extension of our existing product line.  Wood Pallets are much more common than many of our other offerings, which makes the industry as a whole much more competitive.  However with Container Exchanger’s international reach, solid order processing system, and strong website presence, we’re ready for the challenge of building our Wood Pallet marketplace, which has the potential to be our largest product category.”
“Adding value is critical to our success,” states Mr. Madden, “which is why we have a dedicated sales and customer service staff, and each transaction gets personal attention touch to help ensure the selling party and customer will be happy with the transaction.”  Mr. Madden also states that the sales staff can be consulted for advice on the best quality packaging items, best pricing options, and best location, given the customer’s needs and requirements.  Another area of added value is in logistics and freight setup, where the customer can achieve additional cost savings by taking advantage of Container Exchanger’s deep freight discounts.  Freight costs can be a large portion of the total sale value, which is why it’s critical to push for the best freight pricing possible.  Mr. Madden says: “We’re constantly working on getting lower freight rates, which helps our sellers sell more items and saves the customer money so they keep coming back for future purchases.”  The Wood Pallet marketplace on Container Exchanger promises to offer a win-win proposition to both buyers and sellers, which is good for the environment and good for everyone’s bottom line profitability.
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