Used Stack Racks Take Warehouse Storage Vertical

Stack Racks are a collection of metal rails and pallet frames that are designed to allow companies to maximize storage space in a warehouse setting by creating vertical storage solutions. They are generally constructed from a metal pallet base with some have four upright rails that are connected to the base in order to create a framework for a vertical storage solution. In some models, the upright rails are removable, which allow them to be removed and stored flat to maximize space availability when they are not in use or are being transported from one facility to another. Other models have a rigid frame rather than removable uprights that allow for a staggered installation pattern.
Stack Rack UprightsRegardless of the configuration you choose, stack racks offer the perfect racking system for warehouses that house a multitude of items from bulk storage options to longer products such as piping and lumber.
The key drawback to using stack racks to maximize storage options is the cost. Purchasing new stack rack elements can be very costly, which makes them unattainable by some businesses. However, Container Exchanger offers businesses the ability to purchase stack racks used, significantly lowering the cost of acquisition and allowing companies to maximize their return on investment (ROI) when it comes to selling used stack racks.
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