Why Buying Used Gaylords Boxes is a Great Alternative to New

Gaylords boxes are the perfect solution for holding resin, scrap pieces, rags and a variety of other materials. They are made of multiple layers of cardboard, making them a sturdy solution for transporting your products. They are easily stackable, which is great for storage, as they do not take up much room. Many Gaylords can hold up to 1800lbs, making it an excellent option for transporting and storing goods. If you’re looking to save a bit of money when buying Gaylords, consider buying them used. Often times you can get them at a great price from a company that has an abundance that they need to get rid of.
There are many benefits to buying Gaylord boxes used. One of the top reasons is that used is much less expensive than buying new boxes. Because they are so sturdy and built to last, used boxes are usually just as high quality as brand new. You can find used Gaylords by doing a bit of searching on container exchange websites or asking your local retail stores if they have any to get rid of. Many Gaylords are double-walled and come with pre-cut handles making them a great choice for transporting your items.gaylords
Another benefit to buying Gaylords used is that it is much more environmentally friendly than always buying your boxes new. You’ll be keeping a ton of cardboard out of the landfill by purchasing used Gaylord boxes that have years of life left in them. This is a great way to make the move to being more environmentally friendly. In fact – many people will choose an environmentally conscious business over one who isn’t. It’s an excellent way to do your part and make a small impact on the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill.
Used Gaylords
Finally, it’s important to note that used Gaylords can last just as long as those you buy brand new. As long as they are well taken care of and stored properly in a dry place, they should last you a while. Don’t think that because you’re buying used you are getting an old box that is falling a part. Chances are, you’ll get as much use out of it as you would with a new box.
There are several websites, like Container Exchange, that will allow you to purchase Gaylord boxes at a great price. You can visit their page to see what they currently have available. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, you are free to post a wanted ad so that dealers can get in touch when they have Gaylords available.
If you have a mass amount of Gaylord boxes sitting in your warehouse not being used, you can also use this website to sell your boxes. They make it easy to broker your boxes out to other companies who are looking for them. This is another way to recoup some of your shipping costs and to recycle boxes that you are no longer using, which clears up space in your inventory.
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