Used Gaylord Boxes Are An Economical Way to Store and Transport Goods

Used Gaylord boxes are sturdy, reusable containers that incorporate multiple layers of cardboard to create a rigid box that can safely hold anywhere from 1,000 to 1,800 lbs, depending on the number of walls. Gaylord boxes are used by a variety of businesses to contain and ship a number of materials including rags, scrap pieces, plastic resin and more and can be stacked several layers high in order to help manage valuable storage space. Gaylord boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials, which means that the use of these containers is not only beneficial to the company, but to the Earth as well.
In many cases, businesses will order and use new gaylord boxes, however used gaylord boxes can provide just as much stability as a new one and usually cost considerably less than their new counterparts. Not only does ordering and using used gaylord boxes increase revenues, it offers companies another way to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their everyday operations. Many companies have turned to using used gaylord boxes to address their storage and containment needs as a way to control operating costs.
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