Buying Used Bulk Containers is Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly

Used bulk containers can be very useful to businesses looking for an economical way to store or dispose of large amounts of stuff. These units can be purchased at a lower price point than new containers and offer all the same benefits.
Large Building Renovation job
Large building renovation jobs, particularly when they require removing walls and other structures creates a lot of debris. Having these containers on hand makes cleanup a breeze by giving you a place to put carpeting, drywall, glass, and other demolition debris. The cost of disposal using used bulk containers is considerably less than using rental dumpsters and they allow you to control the cost of the demolition.
Big Moves
Pallet ContainerIf you are moving locations, you might be surprised at the amount of furnishings and equipment your business has acquired over time. Using new containers adds a significant cost to your relocation expenses, however, by using pre-owned bulk containers to pack and ship the contents of your business to your new location ensures that you have access to the containers that will fit your needs for less.
Used bulk containers are not just used for temporary debris removal or shipping needs. These units can also be purchased as primary refuse containers, long term storage containers or as organizational containers. Because the containers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, they can be used to contain or store a large number of different materials easily and efficiently. They offer cost effective solutions to a large number containment problems.
If your business has a need for a cost effective containment solution, then look no further than Container Exchanger. Container Exchanger offers a wide variety of used bulk containers to fit your container needs.
Here are some standard used bulk container foot prints:

30x32x34 Used Bulk Containers
40x48x34 Used Bulk Containers
45x48x25 Used Bulk Containers
45x48x34 Used Bulk Containers
45x48x42 Used Bulk Containers