The Advantages of Used Bulk Bags

Maximize your investment with savings of used bulk bags rather than new ones. Also known as flexible intermediate bulk containers and jumbo bags, used bulk bags are significantly lower in upfront costs and increase the bottom line. When you’re finished with using them, you can use a container exchanger company to resell them to a new end user as long as they are in good condition and haven’t been exposed to hazardous materials. In both the short run and long run, companies save money by purchasing, using and reselling used bulk bags.
Used bulk bags are very strong and durable. They are fabricated from strong plastic and are woven together for long-lasting durability. Strong lift straps are attached to the top of the bag for easy loading and handling of the bag. They can be picked up with standard forklifts. Some styles even come with the ability to empty the contents from the bottom. Configurations may include spout bottoms, spout tops or flat bottoms.
Who uses used bulk bags? Used bulk bags are often used by the food industry for the storage and transport of flour, sugar and salt. Pharmaceutical companies, construction companies, plastic industries and agricultural industries use bulk bags also. Bulk bags are designed to solve discharge issues, save space, provide easy filling and meet special material handling needs. These containers are ideal for both small and large scale projects.
Used bulk bags are less costly and time consuming than multiple small ones. Because of its shape, space is maximized, which reduces handling and freight costs along with utilizing warehouse space more efficiently. Some even come with a special coating to reduce the risk of outside moisture and contaminants. These containers are safe and adapt well to many different scenarios. All around, used bulk bags are both convenient and economical.
Here are listings of available used bulk bags:

Used Spout Top Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
Used Duffle Top Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
Used Open Top Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers