The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Used Gaylord Boxes

What are Gaylord Boxes?

Gaylord was originally a trade name for a bulk-size corrugated box that is now a general industry descriptor for any large corrugated pallet box. These containers can be made from various materials, with the most common being: cardboard gaylords, plastic gaylords, and metal gaylords. Like many trade terms that have become standard descriptors, a Gaylord box can describe any pallet-sized box used for bulk shipping or storage that is mounted on a pallet.
Produce might be the most recognizable use for consumers, although they are used for many other applications. Think about the last time you bought a watermelon or pumpkin. You likely chose your produce from a Gaylord box. Other common names for this type of box are pallet containers, bulk boxes, pallet boxes, bulk bins, or tote boxes.
double wall gaylord box

How to Store & Ship with Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord boxes are commonly used for loose parts, granular materials like pellets, powders, liquids, and waste. Any bulk material that will later be further processed or packaged is a good candidate for storage and shipping in a pallet box.
With the proper accessories, these multi-function receptacles are a valuable resource for storage and shipping. Corrugated liners can be added for reinforcement, inner plastic liners can be added to protect contents, and sealed inner bags with valves can be used for liquids. The large containers can be used to collect and ship recycling and waste materials, but hazardous waste and dangerous goods have highly regulated applications.
The multi-layered corrugated cardboard makes them sturdy and supportive for the contents within. For storage solutions, these bulk cardboard containers can be stacked to save space. Use caution when stacking and check the weight rating before loading to avoid safety hazards.

How to Source Gaylord Containers

These bulk box solutions are recyclable and returnable, which makes a green solution a viable business solution. Corrugated boxes are inexpensive and easy to replace when no longer usable. They are also versatile and cost-efficient.
Additionally, you can typically save as much as $30 per box by buying a container that has been previously used but is still in good condition. A used Gaylord box can provide just as much stability as a new one. There are many variations in size, style, condition, shape and other features, so it helps to have an expert available to consult when making a purchase.
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How Much Does a Gaylord Box Weigh

Gaylord boxes are available with multiple wall thicknesses, ranging from a double-wall to eight walls. Each wall layer is made of fluted corrugated sheets, which are glued between sections of cardboard. The number of layers determines the strength of the box.
Boxes with double or triple thick walls can typically hold around 1,000 pounds. Four to five walls are more robust and can hold heavy materials with a weight capacity of around 2,000 pounds.

What are the Dimensions of Gaylord Boxes

Sizing for Gaylord boxes is as varied as sizing for pallets. Typical measurements range from 40 to 46 inches in length, 35 to 48 inches in width, and 24 to 48 inches in height. There are also octagonal shapes available. The combination of variables determines approximate weight capacity.
Some styles of Gaylord boxes can be flattened or come disassembled into four parts. Assembly doesn’t require glue or staples.

Style Options

The different features of Gaylord boxes often depend on the items and weight of the contents that need to be shipped. Some can ship flat; others are attached to a pallet. If your product has a history of bulging when boxed, you can add corrugated liners and use box reinforcement to control overflow. There are a lot of options to consider based on your product and transport needs.
When purchasing a used Gaylord box, be aware of how the box was used prior to arrival at your business. It can be helpful to know the origin of the used box since some contents of the previous items could remain in the container. You might opt for a plastic box liner to protect your ingredients from cross contamination.
Vent Holes
Lightweight contents such as produce can benefit from bulk cardboard boxes with vent holes. Consider the amount and size of the vent holes before purchasing, though, as you don’t want your products to fall through the slots.
gaylord cardboard boxes
Bottom Flaps or Tray Bottoms
Bottom flaps can be full, meaning the set of flaps covers the bottom of the box entirely. A partial bottom flap is a design where the bottom flaps don’t quite meet. Transform a partial bottom flap to a full bottom by ordering an optional slip sheet.
Tray bottom boxes are separate from the main compartment. Once assembled, the tray bottom is placed on the pallet. Then the box sides slot into place and lock into final construction.


There are a lot of options to consider based on your product and transport needs. Re-using Gaylord boxes is not only eco-friendly, but it’s also a smart business solution. They are versatile and cost-efficient and can provide just as much stability as a new one.
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