9 Types of 55-Gallon Drums for Storage

9 Types of 55-Gallon Drums for Storage

During the oil discovery era, drums came into existence for transporting crude. Today, industrial and production companies use them to store and ship finished products, goods and raw materials. You must select the appropriate container and follow domestic and international guidelines and regulations for storage and shipment. Here are 9 types of 55-gallon drums you should know about if you are storing food, beverages, oil, pharmaceutics or hazardous liquids. 

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1. Closed-Head Drum

When storing hazardous waste, industrial companies must use closed-head drums. They must meet United Nations and U.S. Department of Transportation standards and requirements. Use them to store semi-solids, including dirt, liquids, sand, soil and gravel. 

Purchase a closed-head drum with a removable lid or cover. These drums are preferable because of their long-term storage sustainability. They must pass tests for leakage, hydrostatic and vibration.

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2. Open-Head Drum

Utilize open-head drums for shipping and storage and indoor or outdoor purposes. Manufacturers design their containers with materials that withstand harsh conditions and are for continuous use. Unlike the closed-headed drum, the open-head type does not feature a removable cover or lid. 

There is a bung on top of the container to access the content inside. On a 55-gallon drum, the standard size of the bung is approximately 1 to 3 inches in diameter. Some drums may feature another opening for ventilation. 

3. Carbon Steel Drum

For companies needing durability and heavy-duty packaging for transporting and storing hazardous liquids, carbon steel drums are a suitable choice. Each drum features durable, heavy-duty materials to prevent spillage or other unsafe accidents. 

Carbon steel drums comply with U.S. and U.N. regulations. For your business to ship toxic or flammable liquids, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Standards require 55-gallon containers secured by dikes or pans

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4. Fiber Drum

Fiber drums are durable and heavy paperboard, which is robust and thick. They can be cut, conditioned and shaped for different applications. Your company can store goods and finished products in these containers. If you are environmentally conscious, you’ll be glad to know the drums are recyclable to reduce landfill waste. 

5. Rain Barrel Drum

Do you want to install a rain barrel drum to collect rainwater? Most rain barrel drums are plastic, such as polyethylene. They are easy to use, and you can place them almost anywhere. 

Their benefits include reducing public utility usage and self-sufficiency. People use rain barrel drums for household and gardening uses. Each drum has a filtering screen to block debris from entering the water. Store your water in an IBC tote until you are ready to use the rainwater. 

6. Salvage Drum

A salvage drum has features that include an open head and high-quality steel. It can hold damaged, leaking and non-compliance materials. Industrial salvage drums should meet international requirements and U.N. standards. For transporting, the drum barrel includes a closure that provides safety and security.

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7. Nitric Drum

For purity and compatibility, nitric drums are excellent storage solutions. They are resistant to oxidation and nitric acid when shipping materials overseas. You can find nitric drums in stainless stain that meets sanitation standards. 

8. TIH Over-Packed Drum

TIH (toxic by inhalation) over-packed drums receive testing for solids and certification based on U.N. requirements. The drum must qualify as secure outer packaging for shipping or storage. 

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9. Crevice-Free Process Drum

Crevice-free process drums feature tensile strength because of their stainless-steel material. You can use the containers for pharmaceuticals, processed food and personal care products. They have a design comprising straight lines and a smooth interior. You can reuse them or sell your used drums.

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