Customer Success Story – TRW Automotive

When a new plant manager at TRW Automotive started his job, he quickly mandated the move to returnable containers. The inspired move promised “significant cost savings going forward”. As the workforce mobilized to fill their immediate need for returnable containers, they quickly discovered Container Exchanger.
Working with the Container Exchanger system and staff was a positive experience, as TRW’s buyer, Tim F noted. Tim stated that Container Exchanger’s staff was “Very professional and willing to work with our schedule and needs. (Our Salesperson) is a top notch person.”Container Exchanger’s professionalism and “ability to do what they say they will do”enabled Tim to “save a great deal of time that allowed him to focus on other issues.”
This particular TRW plant indicates that a little under 20% of their packaging is reused, however, after a positive experience, they anticipate doubling their use of returnable in 2009. Tim, the buyer at TRW has indicated that he would recommend Container Exchanger to other companies, because of the affordable pricing, vast selection and quick turnaround.
In closing, Tim stated: “There is a great deal of cost saving in returnable containers versus corrugated. That commodity has always been volatile with large price swings from time to time. The containers, especially the used containers offer a good way to control one area of shipping costs that can eat into a company’s revenue. It just makes a lot of sense.”
Here at Container Exchanger, we couldn’t agree more.
Your company can start realizing cost savings quickly as well. Browse our website at for a match to one of your returnable packaging needs, fill out our form, and we will be in touch with you to answer any questions that you may have.