Top 5 Uses of IBC Totes and IBC Containers for Sale

Top 5 Uses of IBC Totes and IBC Containers for Sale

IBC totes have many benefits on a homestead or farm, but it’s crucial to know what they are and the top five uses of them.

Intermediate bulk containers are large totes designed to hold bulk materials, such as water or granulate substances. Typically, they are mounted on a pallet, and you’ll use pallet jacks to move them around on the land. Likewise, you can stack them and put them wherever necessary.

Your totes can be rigid or flexible and hold 285 to 2,930 liters of fluid. Generally, they’re made from metal, plastic, folding plastic, aluminum, wood, fiberboard, or a combination of those materials.

Top Five Uses for IBC Tanks and Totes

IBC Tanks and Totes

It’s possible to consider used IBC totes for sale if they weren’t utilized for hazardous materials in the past. However, you can buy them new if you wish. They are efficient tools, and it’s often possible to get bulk pricing if you purchase many of them at once. Here are the top five uses:

1. Rainwater Collection

The food and beverage industry is changing rapidly, and many people are living on well water. Therefore, they don’t have to pay to access the town’s water supply. Harvesting rainwater could be a cost-effective solution.

Your IBC tank or used IBC tote can collect rainwater and store large quantities of it for when you need it most. Just make sure that it features food-grade materials to have potable water whenever you require it.

Even if you’ve chosen a used IBC and it’s food-safe, it cannot have previously stored hazardous substances. They could leach into the water and make it unsafe to drink. It’s also important to check the Department of Energy’s regulations map to ensure rainwater collection is allowed in your area.

2. Livestock Waterer

Many farmers invest in IBC tanks or totes to use as livestock waterers. It’s crucial to store and move water to the livestock with ease. Since they are food-grade, you can fill them up with water once a week, transporting them to the animals in the fields. Overall, it’s more convenient than carrying buckets of water each day.

Most IBC totes feature a built-in spout, so you can dispense water to the animals. However, you could plumb them with fittings if necessary.

Just ensure that you choose a food-grade option. You don’t want hazardous chemicals to leach into the water and make your animals sick. Likewise, used containers should be stored out of direct sunlight to prevent plastic degradation.

Another option here would be to use the tote to store your animal feed.

3. Aquaponics

Aquaponics helps you grow food products and fish simultaneously. Your IBC container can create a more self-sustaining environment, and you can stack them easily. If you’re utilizing used containers, remember that they cannot be non-food grade because they will be used for human consumption.

4. Rabbit Hutch

Many farmers and homeowners keep rabbits as pets or livestock, and you can use an IBC tote to create a DIY hutch. However, there will likely be cutting involved for the entry and exit points. 

Caged IBC totes work well here if the cages have bars placed far enough apart. Likewise, used IBC totes are a great choice, and you don’t have to worry if they’re non-food grade.

5. Composting

Most homesteaders compost certain things because it helps to produce a fertile and rich soil for the garden. Composting in IBC totes is very smart, especially if you’re doing so on a large scale.

Take your used IBC totes and drill holes for more airflow. Likewise, you’ll want to have a large hole to add the ingredients. Make sure you’re stirring it every few days and reap the benefits.

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Advantages of IBC Totes

Advantages of IBC Totes

There are various storage containers out there, such as troughs, barrels, and drums. However, the advantage of an IBC tote is that it’s easy to move. They’re pallet-sized, so you can use a tractor or forklift to pick them up.

They weigh plenty when empty, which means they’re highly durable and sturdy. You won’t be worrying about cave-ins when you’re moving a tote filled with animal feed or water.

Though they’re heavy, they don’t require much space. Therefore, you can use them for flammable or hazardous liquids. Those on a farm will likely need this at some point.

Farmers and homesteaders also like the fact that they’re easy to empty and clean. Many feature built-in spouts or valves, so you won’t have to add more plumbing to create what you need.

Where to Find an IBC tote

It’s incredibly easy to find IBC totes. Whether you focus on brand-new ones or prefer used totes, Container Exchanger has you covered.

You’ll find various IBC containers for sale, allowing you to use your intermediate bulk containers for whatever purposes you have. Consider trying them for yourself and your property!