Top 5 Reasons to Use Wire Baskets in a Manufacturing Environment

Wire baskets are among the most useful containers when it comes to a manufacturing environment. They are lightweight, yet rigid, giving companies the opportunity to store and ship various products and raw materials easily. Wire baskets also offer:

  1. Visibility. When it comes to storage, there is no greater benefit for a storage container than to be see-through. This visibility allows employees the ability to see what is in a basket without having to take the time to physically open each container. This saves time and increases production.
  2. Inventory. Not only does increased visibility of wire baskets allow employees to see what is in each basket, it also allows them to see how many are in the baskets. This allows for a faster inventory of products and materials and facilitates a faster inventory process.
  3. Space saving. Wire baskets are stackable. This means that manufacturing companies can increase their storage capacity by being able to utilize vertical space without the need to purchase stack racks or other forms of shelving or storage.
  4. Drainage. In manufacturing facilities, storage containers are often exposed to water or other substances that can cause damage to the contents if not properly drained. Because wire baskets are made with metal wire, they provide adequate drainage, which prevents unnecessary damage to the products or materials stored inside.
  5. Venting. The porous surface of wire baskets also prevents potentially harmful vapors from building up inside the container. The gaps in between the metal wires allows for safe gas venting into the atmosphere.

As you can see, wire baskets are an invaluable part of the manufacturing environment. They provide exceptional storage and shipping solutions for manufacturers of all types and can be used in many different scenarios.