Tips on Optimizing Your Warehouse Space with Stackable Industrial Bins


When it comes to warehousing, there’s nothing as valuable as space—it’s your commodity, after all. So, it’s no surprise that, for many warehouse managers, maximizing space is always at the top of the to-do list. One of the ways we help our customers optimize their warehouse space is with the help of stackable industrial bins. These kinds of warehouse containers come in an amazing variety of styles (more on that below) all of which–you guessed it!–stack. This allows you to take advantage of often underused vertical storage space and to better organize large quantities of goods.

Types of Stackable Industrial Bins

We offer a great variety of stackable industrial bins, including stacking totes and organizer bins. Not all totes are ideal for all applications, of course. Stacking totes are great for storing and shipping applications and are excellent for holding a wide variety of products and items in every corner of the supply chain, including transport, assembly and storage. Organizer bins made by Akro-Mils and other manufacturers are similar but tend to feature more customization options. Both styles can be stacked or installed on wire shelving systems, carts and dollies for a wide range of organization approaches. These bins can be ordered in both steel and plastic options for durability and long-lasting use.

Another popular kind of industrial stacking bin we offer is the stack and nest container. These totes are regularly used in the retail and distribution industries and feature a unique design that allows them to be either stacked or nested. When the bins are used with their lids, they can be stacked on top of one another on the floor or within shelving units. When the lids are removed, these bins neatly stack into each other to save storage space. These bins come in many different styles, including ones made of durable HDPE, wire and fiberglass, metal and other materials. There are few industries that couldn’t benefit from any of these stacking storage solutions!

Using Stackable Bins to Optimize Space

  • Use Dividers for Small Parts—So often in industrial applications, we find ourselves with both overflowing bins and nearly empty totes, simply because we don’t have enough separate containers for every little item. You can eliminate virtually all unused container space, even within small stacking bins, by using dividers that create small compartments for several different items.
  • Consider CrossStacking—Cross-stacking is the method of toggling the way your bins are stacked to create a crisscrossed stack. The benefit of this is that you can still access items (a small portion of the bin is left open so you can easily grab what’s inside) while the bins are stacked. This means you can maximize space on desk or surface area where you need lots of small, open bins.
  • Mix and Match—Stacking bins come in an amazing array of sizes and materials, which can often be stacked together. For example, you might choose a solid or mesh base and then add three or four medium-sized stacking bins on top with the same footprint. In other words, you can customize each level to suit your needs. Note that you will want to choose a single bin manufacturer, such as OrbisBuckhorn, Schaefer or Akro-Mils, for all of your containers if this is your plan.


  • Pile Them High—Did we mention that not all stacking containers are created equally? If you intend to stack your containers high with heavy materials, you need to know the weight capacity of the bottom bin. For example, certain kinds of bottom stack and nest containers can hold up to 3,000 pounds. The higher the weight capacity, the more you can store.
  • Use a Rolling Base—If there’s one constant in warehouse storage, it’s that things are always changing. To ensure that you’re always ready to accommodate for new items and space requirements, consider using a stacking base with strong casters that you can move around your space with ease. Styles with rolling bases may have a lower weight capacity, but they are great for several layers of lighter weight goods.

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