7 Reasons Why Every Warehouse Should Utilize Metal Bins 

collapsible metal bin open and folded

With warehouse rents on the rise, you need to be strategic in terms of how you utilize your warehouse space. Keeping your goods organized can help you increase efficiency, improve the flow and safety of your facility and decrease product sorting and order fulfillment errors. That’s why every warehouse should utilize metal bins for storage. These bins come in all shapes and styles, so you can easily find the right storage solution for your business. From large industrial items to fragile consumer goods, these containers will help you make the most of your warehouse. Learn about the many benefits of using wire metal bins for storage and transportation.

1. Easy Transportation

Metal bins are easy to move around, whether it’s from one side of your facility to another or moving goods across the country. Some bins come with wheels on the bottom, enabling your team to quickly push them across the floor of your facility without overexerting themselves or using a forklift. They also come with slats at the bottom of the bin that can be used as a pallet. Your employees can move large quantities of goods with a pallet jack or forklift without having to mess with pallets. You also don’t have to worry about pallets getting separated from your shipments during transit.

container exchanger metal bin

2. Save on Storage Space

Metal bins come in all shapes and sizes, including those that can store large quantities of goods. You can store dozens, if not hundreds, of products in the same container, helping you make the most of your warehouse space. These bins are also durable enough that you can stack them on top of one another to save even more space. Get items out of the way when they’re not in use so you can make even more room in your facility. With built-in slats for a forklift, your employees can quickly move bins with ease–even if they’re stacked on top of each other.

3. Easy Access to Inventory

You can also find metal bins with a door hinge, which makes it easy to access your inventory. This will help you speed up the order fulfillment process as your employees retrieve individual items for shipment. Your workers can quickly sort your inventory as they place items in different containers. Overall, this will help you reduce your labor costs.

4. Versatile for Storing Multiple Items

Metal bins can be used to store and transport all kinds of items, including industrial equipment, consumer goods and other supplies for your facility. Regardless of what type of facility you own or manage, metal bins will help you with all your storage and transportation needs. They can protect fragile goods as they make their way overseas or across the country or withstand some wear and tear as you use them for internal processes.

container exchanger collapsible metal bin

5. Reusable

These bins are completely reusable so you don’t have to worry about buying new containers every time a new order comes in. Even if your bins get scratched along the way, they can still be used time and time again without damaging your products or breaking down over time.

6. Can Withstand Different Storage Environments

You’re also free to store your metal wire bins outside without worrying about oxidation or rust. Certain types of metal bins are designed for different types of storage environments, so you’re not limited to just one type of environment. This is especially important if you plan on using wire metal bins for shipping. You can send them overseas or in and out of different locations without endangering your products.

7. Built for Heavy Inventory

While wire metal baskets and bins are versatile for all your storage and transportation needs, they can be particularly useful when it comes to storing and shipping large, bulky items. The metal can withstand large amounts of weight without bending or snapping. You’ll have more peace of mind knowing your containers won’t fall apart as they move from one destination to another. From car engines to massive appliances, metal bins will keep your largest items safe and sound. These kinds of goods may be too heavy for other types of storage containers such as cardboard boxes and plastic containers. That’s why it’s best to use wire metal bins.

Organize your warehouse with wire metal baskets to improve efficiency, reduce storage costs and protect your inventory in all kinds of environments.