Container Exchanger Shows Value of Reusable Metal Pallets

Container Exchanger is an online marketplace that offers manufacturing and distribution businesses an outlet for procuring or selling used returnable packaging. The product offerings include many standard and common reusable packaging solutions, including but not limited to plastic totes, plastic collapsible bulk boxes, metal containers, wire baskets, and plastic pallets. Launched in 2005, has empowered companies to reduce packaging acquisition costs through access to used returnable packaging inventories and it has enabled companies to maximize return during disposal of their used packaging fleets.
According to David Madden, President of Container Exchanger, “Metal pallets last a lot longer than plastic pallets, so they can be used for years.  And they are available in a sealed weld configuration, which is attractive to companies that process food, because it meets the strict guidelines for the food industry.  Also, the metal pallets are easy to be cleaned, they are 100% recyclable, and for insurance reasons, it may be of benefit to have a pallet that is non-flammable.  I recently lost a deal on a lot of bulk containers, because our customer would have to upgrade his sprinkler system if he bought them (because plastic is flammable).”
Metal pallets are virtually unbreakable and there is less worry of chemical contamination, which may occur with plastic pallets and wooden pallets. Many metal pallets are custom engineered and designed. Metal pallets are durable and rarely need to be replaced. Many metal pallets have a galvanized metal finish they hold several thousand pounds of static weight without breaking or bending. These pallets are ideal for warehouse storage and extremely useful when dealing with 55 gallon drums.