The Best Packaging and Shipping Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation

The cannabis industry shows no signs of slowing down here in the U.S. As more states choose to legalize both medicinal and recreational marijuana, this once-underground industry is quickly scaling up. New businesses are looking to break into the industry every other day. The cannabis industry is expected to be worth around $30 billion by 2030.

As with almost any industry, cannabis growers need to find a way to safely and securely ship and store their products. That’s why we thought we’d spend some time talking about the best storage and shipping containers for the cannabis industry. If you’re new to growing or looking to refine your current operations, read on for more storage and packaging tips.

Choosing the Right Container for Cannabis

The cannabis industry is part of the agricultural industry after all, which means the same containers utilized by conventional growers will likely suit your business as well.

  • Harvesting

Harvesting your crops is one of the most important aspects of the growing process. You need a smooth, clean bulk container to quickly collect all your goods come harvest time. That’s why we recommend using IBC totes for cannabis. These large plastic containers can hold up to 330 gallons of fluid, so you should have plenty of room for all your bud.

IBC totes come with an attached plastic pallet, which makes it easy to pick up your crop with a forklift. You don’t have to worry about hauling and loading all your merchandise by hand. Quickly scoop up your container, move it around your facility and collect your product. These containers also come with reinforced plastic walls for more durability.

flower buds cannabis Background

With the attached gas pressure relief valve, IBC totes make it easy to cure your cannabis once it’s been harvested. Cover your product with methane gases and quickly release it using the valve.

IBC totes are known for their versatility. You can also use them to store equipment, seeds and other growing essentials.

  • Storage and Drying

When it comes to bulk storage and drying your crops, we recommend using plastic collapsible bulk containers. They come with vented side walls and floors, so air can easily pass through the containers. Your crop will dry as quickly as possible. These containers are also stackable, so you can get your products off the ground when space is tight. You can also collapse them when they’re not in use to make more room around your facility.

  • Distribution and Shipping

Once you’re ready to send your products out for delivery, we recommend using plastic nesting totes. These reliable plastic containers make it easy to distribute your products wherever they need to go. You can separate your cannabis by strand and label the corresponding container to make sure you and your business partners are on the same page. You can easily nest these containers to keep your products accessible during the sorting process. Handlers can toss bud into separate trays without having to mess with lids. It’s also a great way to keep your products on display throughout the facility, so everyone can easily find what they need.

When you’re not using these trays and totes, you can easily stack them into each other to save more space around your facility.

plastic totes for storage after harvest in a cannabis farm

How to Package Cannabis for Shipping

When sending out your goods for delivery, it’s best to choose a plastic tote that’s close in size to your products. These containers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find the right container for your products. You don’t want to crush your products inside the container, but they shouldn’t have too much room to roll around either. You want to preserve your buds as much as possible, while doing your best to limit shake.

Make sure these containers are waterproof so your bud doesn’t get wet along the way. They should come with a firm seal that traps odors inside, so you don’t stink up the entire town. These containers need to be airtight so your bud doesn’t dry out on the road. It’s best to utilize reusable shipping containers and plastic totes, thereby saving as much money as possible. You won’t have to buy new containers every time you need to send out a new order. Reusing your containers is also great for the environment. Avoid single-use containers and those made with paper that could easily fall apart over time.

Keep these tips in mind to make the most of your cannabis growing operation. The right containers will keep your products safe and sound so you can make the right impression on your customers.