The Many Benefits of Using IBC Totes for Shipping and Storage 

intermediate bulk container closeup

IBCs, or intermediate bulk containers, are large storage containers that are typically used for storing and transporting different kinds of liquids, including food, water, solvents, chemicals, detergents and other industrial liquids. If your business needs access to these types of liquids, find out about the many benefits of IBC totes.

Built-in Pallets for Easy Transportation

IBC totes typically come with a pallet attached to the bottom of the tank so you don’t have to worry about pallets getting separated from your shipments. This makes IBCs easy to move with a traditional forklift. Your employees won’t have to look for a pallet before loading/unloading IBCs. They can get to work right away as they focus on handling your liquids with care. If you’re storing flammable or hazardous liquids in an IBC, having a pallet attached to the container decreases the chances of your shipments being damaged.

Quickly Dispense Liquids

IBC totes also come with a nozzle attached to the front, enabling you to quickly dispense your liquids. The nozzle is easy to operate. You can quickly stop and start the flow of your liquids, which helps you control how much is coming out of the container. This is extremely important if you’re handling dangerous or flammable materials, which could damage your facility, endanger the lives of your workers or pollute the natural environment. You can also preserve your inventory by using a little at a time.

Bulk Storage for Space Efficiency

Investing in IBCs also helps you make the most of your storage and manufacturing facility. These containers have a liquid capacity of 450 to 3,000 L (119 to 793 gallons). You can store large quantities of fluids in the same container to cut back on storage space. If space is tight at your facility, you can even stack your IBCs on top of one another. Put them aside when they’re not in use and quickly redeploy them when you need to store or ship more liquids. You can easily find an IBC with the right liquid capacity for your business.

This also helps you save on labor costs. Your workers can move large batches of liquids in just one trip instead of having to load multiple barrels or containers at once. You can load and unload your entire inventory as quickly as possible. This also encourages your employees to handle each container with care. When there are fewer containers to move, your workers can focus on the task at hand without falling prey to exhaustion.

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Reusable to Reduce Storage Costs

You can also reuse your IBCs to reduce your storage costs. You don’t have to keep buying new containers every time you need to send out a new order or refill these containers. To reuse your containers, you’ll need to inspect the container for damage, especially if it has just gone out for shipment. Wash out the inside of the container with water and a special cleaning solution to get it ready for another batch of liquids.

Versatile Storage Solutions

Regardless of what you need to store, you can find an IBC that works for you. From industrial chemicals to drinking water, these containers can be used to store or transport a wide variety of liquids. If your facility handles different kinds of liquids and chemicals, you can use IBCs for all your storage and transportation needs. This makes it easier to procure all your shipping and storage equipment, instead of having to find and keep track of different kinds of containers.

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Durable for More Peace of Mind

When it comes to storing and transporting hazardous liquids, you need to know that your products are being kept safe at all times. IBCs are made with strong, durable plastic that keeps your liquids safe from harm and exposure to outside elements. They are encased in a wire shell that helps protect the container as it moves from one destination to another. You don’t have to worry about your containers accidentally springing a leak, getting punctured or cracking unexpectedly. You’ll have more peace of mind when you use an IBC container for shipping liquids.

IBCs are designed to store and ship all kinds of liquids, making them the perfect choice for your business. Whether you want to preserve drinking water or you run a chemical engineering plant, these containers will help you save money, increase efficiency and reduce product damage.