The Best Bulk Storage Containers for Your Warehouse

industrial hall with metallic storage bins

Bulk storage containers are the perfect choice when it comes to keeping your warehouse neat and tidy. They’re large enough to store just about anything you might have in your warehouse, from manufacturing materials to scrap parts. Just put them in the corner or against the wall, and you can toss items right into the container. This creates some order around your warehouse, so everyone knows where to find the materials they need. You and your employees will save time by not having to search for individual items and parts.

Take control of your warehouse and start organizing today. Here are the best bulk storage containers for any facility:

Wire Storage Baskets

Wire storage baskets come in handy when you need to clean up your facility. They’re extremely lightweight, making them easy to move around the space. You can see through them even though they’re strong enough to handle all kinds of materials, such as lumber, metal, scrap parts and cans of paint. This makes it easy to recognize what each basket is for. Your employees can walk up to the basket and see what’s inside instead of looking for a sign to direct them. These wire storage baskets are also stackable, helping you make efficient use of your warehouse. Just pile them up to the ceiling to get your materials out of the way, and you’ll have more room to move around your space.

When you’re finished with a wire basket, you can quickly collapse it and store it for future use. These wire baskets don’t take up a lot of room in their collapsed form, so you can keep them on hand for when you need them and not bother with them when you don’t.

t shirts in wire baskets

Metal Storage Bins

Just like wire storage baskets, metal storage bins are stackable, so you can store as many items as possible within only a few square feet of space. But metal bins give you more options when it comes to storing supplies and materials. They are completely secure, able to hold small parts and loose items without letting them slip through any cracks.

These bins are also durable, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking down or falling apart like a cardboard box might. The worst thing that could happen to these bins is they may get a little dented over time if they experience some wear and tear, but they’ll still work as good as new. You can fill them with the heaviest materials you can find, such as industrial materials and scrap metal, but they’re not going to break. If you’re looking for a secure, steady way to store your materials, metal storage bins are the way to go.

IBC Totes

IBC totes are typically used to ship large quantities of liquid, such as chemicals, solvents and industrial gels. If your facility uses detergent, soap, toxic chemicals or other liquids, IBC totes will be your best and perhaps only choice. But you can also repurpose used IBC totes into bulk storage containers for spare parts, industrial equipment and just about anything else around your facility. IBC totes are completely reusable, helping you save money over time. Just make sure the container is completely clean before using it to store new materials. You can even use them to store drinking water in case of an emergency.

ibc totes outside of building

Gaylord Boxes

Inexpensive and extremely lightweight, gaylord boxes will help you keep those lighter items neat and organized. While they’re not as durable as some of the other bulk containers we’ve listed, they are so light that you can move them around without exerting a lot of energy. This makes them perfect for collecting trash or corralling things like loose fabric, plastic parts and other lightweight items.

If you’re trying to keep your storage facility organized without spending a lot of money, these boxes will get the job done. They’re easy to produce, so you can cut down your storage costs as much as possible. While these boxes won’t last as long as metal containers, they’re perfect for low-cost temporary storage.

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right bulk storage container for your facility. It all depends on what kinds of materials you’re looking to store and for how long. Once you find the right type of container, you can start organizing your facility to make it more efficient.