The Benefits of Utilizing Used Shipping Containers

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If part of your business involves shipping goods across the country or international borders, you might be taken aback at how much money you have to spend on shipping supplies and equipment. From drums to crates and metal bins, every shipping container you choose will impact your chances of success. Like any business, you should be focused on reducing your overhead and saving as much money as possible while still serving your customers to the best of your abilities. That’s why you should consider using used shipping containers to get your goods from one place to another. You can lower your operating costs, reduce waste and, best of all, your customers won’t know the difference. Discover all the reasons you should utilize used shipping containers as part of your business.

Save Money and Invest in Your Business

The cost to ship goods from point A to point B adds up fast. While a one-time shipment might not break your corporate bank account, the amount you spend when sending out hundreds of orders will have a major impact on your bottom line. But you can reduce the cost of shipping by using used shipping containers instead of brand-new crates and bins.

A new shipping container can cost as much as $5,000, while a used container can cost as little as $1,400, depending on its condition and the reseller. That means your company could be saving over $3,500 on every container you buy. This will dramatically boost your bottom line so you can spend your money in other places, such as beefing up your marketing efforts, investing in smart technology that improves your shipping services or attracting some top-tier talent. You can also save money by using ocean shipping instead of air shipping to get your products overseas.

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Your Clients Won’t Know the Difference

If you’re concerned about the quality of your shipping services diminishing when using used containers, you can put these cares to rest. Your customers won’t know the difference if you choose used instead of brand-new, especially if you’re working with a reputable shipping container reseller that only offers quality shipping supplies. Used shipping containers will get the job done just like a brand-new container but at a fraction of the cost.

Many of these products are built to last, able to endure all kinds of wear and tear as they travel far and wide. From rain to moving and shifting on the open seas, these containers can withstand all kinds of rough situations, which make them an excellent addition to your business. If the container is in good condition, you can expect to get plenty of use out of it for years to come. You’ll save money without disconcerting your customers or lowering the quality of your shipping services.

Working Towards a More Sustainable Future

Your customers care about safeguarding the environment and you should, too. Research shows that nearly three-fourths or 74 percent of adults in the U.S. believe that the country should do whatever it can to protect the environment. Clearly, environmentalism is popular with consumers.

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Your business can help protect the environment if you’re willing to forgo those new shipping containers and buy used. This prevents another container from ending up in the landfill and it reduces the amount of energy used to produce new shipping containers because your business is spending its money elsewhere. You can limit energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by reusing, reducing and recycling these containers.

This is a great way to start your business off on a greener path towards sustainability and conservation. While you and your employees can feel better about your company’s effect on the environment, you can also share this development with your consumers. They’ll feel good about working with your company if you leverage this commitment to the environment in the copy you use to market your business. From social media posts to the information you list on your company’s homepage, you can make a name for yourself as an environmentally-conscious shipping business. Your customers will have a more meaningful relationship with your business knowing that you share the same values and beliefs.

There are so many reasons to invest in used shipping containers instead of buying new every time. You can maintain the same level of quality in your shipping services while saving money and improving your company’s messaging. Create a more sustainable image for your company and start working with a quality used shipping container reseller today!