Recycle and Save: Benefits of Used Collapsible Bulk Boxes and Collapsible Plastic Boxes

Collapsible Bulk Boxes, such as Collapsible Plastic Boxes, are industry staples used for storage and shipping, in retail and business-to-business companies. They have numerous uses including storing and shipping appliance and automotive components, beverage preforms, blow molded bottles, furniture components, plastic molded components, snack food applications and vacuum formed food trays. Collapsible Bulk Boxes are used in the distribution of grocery, hardware, metal, plastics, rubber, resins and powders, textiles and tools. Collapsible Bulk Boxes are also used in retail distribution operations.
Pallet Container 45x48x42Collapsible Bulk Boxes are more expensive than their cardboard equivalents, but Collapsible Bulk Boxes such as Collapsible Plastic Boxes can be used repeatedly and have a much longer life.  Many buyers find they achieve cost reductions by investing in Collapsible Plastic Boxes, or even metal ones, because they function effectively for a longer time. Also, companies looking to reduce their impact on the environment consider Collapsible Plastic Boxes a smarter alternative.
However, at some point Collapsible Bulk Boxes may become surplus as well. For instance, sometimes a company discontinues the program or products that were previously stored or shipped in Collapsible Plastic Boxes. In the case, many companies simply scrap their bulk boxes, frequently paying to do so. On the other hand, companies looking to save on purchasing Collapsible Bulk Boxes have found it hard to identify substantial sources of these materials. Thus, the bulk box owner lost and the company looking for used materials was left to buy new ones at a much higher cost.Used 45x48x25 PC
That is, until provides a unique environmental and commercial service by bringing together buyers and sellers across North America who are looking to buy and sell a range of shipping and storage materials.  Container Exchanger provides a secure platform for buying and selling used collapsible bulk boxes, collapsible plastic boxes and an extremely wide range of totes and other packaging, shipping and storage containers.  Companies can now achieve a higher return on the disposal of items such as folding bulk containers, Collapsible Bulk Boxes, Collapsible Plastic Boxes, plastic industrial totes, plastic pallets, Gaylord boxes and much more.  Buyers on Container Exchanger are able to source these items at significantly lower cost than buying new materials, while the environment benefits from these items used again and again within the economy, before they end up in a landfill.
The Container Exchanger network of buyers and sellers is composed of businesses acting as principals, i.e. they have collapsible bulk boxes they are no longer using and are available for sale, usually direct to another company who is looking to make substantial cost savings.  By opening up a fast and secure platform for the exchange of used collapsible bulk boxes and other materials, Container Exchanger helps companies to realize the full value of their investment in them.
Businesses have a huge role to play in reducing the damage to the environment, but the greatest motivation to do so will come from being able to reduce costs and increase profitability.  By providing a reduced cost solution which hinges on recycling and reusing materials, Container Exchanger empowers business operations to benefit financially and environmentally.