The Benefits of Pallet-Size Plastic Containers & Boxes – Everything You Should Know

The Benefits of Pallet-Size Plastic Containers & Boxes – Everything You Should Know

Many companies are now switching to pallet-size plastic containers because they are more economical, safer, and cleaner. Overall, it’s the superior option for the supply chain, and there is a range of choices available.

In fact, a plastic pallet is ideal because it offers choice, durability, and value, regardless of the application. Whether you need a pallet container to store your pallets or use pallets for transportation, these containers are suitable for almost anything.

Let’s learn more about these bins.

Understanding the Advantages of Plastic Pallet Boxes, Bins, and Containers

Advantages of Plastic Pallet Boxes, Bins, and Containers

Whether you are using plastic pallets, plastic pallet boxes, small containers, or bins with lids, here are some of the advantages of using plastic:

  • Designed for any application
  • Consistency in size and strength
  • More durable than traditional wooden pallets
  • Recyclable and environmentally-friendly
  • Maximum return on investment
  • No nails or splinters (safer handling)
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • No dust or mold contamination issues with plastic containers
  • Customizable
  • Save storage space and money
  • Isn’t affected by alkalis, acids, and moisture

Are you ready to see how these storage containers and bins can protect your stock and offer a solution to your shipping issues? Continue reading to learn more.

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Suitable for the Application

Whether you are focused on transportation logistics or keeping items in storage or stock, most export pallets are designed for any application. 

Durability and Strength

The durability and strength of plastic pallet boxes are unrivaled compared to wood. In fact, heavy-duty plastic boxes and pallets can withstand repeated use in closed-loop scenarios.

Higher ROI

Generally, plastic pallet boxes are a business asset that will last up to 10 times longer than wooden products. Therefore, your bins will get repeat use, and you’ll experience a higher return on investment than you would with other materials.

Safer for Manual Handling

Plastic pallets don’t feature splinters, sharp edges, or nails. Therefore, you eliminate the risk of components breaking free when you’re manually lifting these large containers. They’re also less likely to get damaged from an impact, though the doors and casters aren’t as strong as the walls.

Exempt from the ISPM15 Regulations

If you’re exporting goods, plastic pallets could be an economical solution because they’re exempt from the ISMP15 rules (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures 15). You don’t have to heat-treat or certify them for usage.

Easy to Clean

Plastic pallet boxes offer easy access, and they can be repeatedly washed or cleaned to remove spilled products and airborne dust, which often accumulate on pallets in time. Likewise, they are impervious to weak acids, moisture, and alkalis.

No Issues with Contamination

Typically, a plastic pallet has no hidden areas or pockets for dust and dirt to collect. Therefore, the surface stays contaminant-free.

Cost-saving and Space-saving Solution

Plastic pallet boxes and bins offer more storage space because you can collapse them when not in use. Plus, you may stack them during transportation, which means fewer repeat journeys.

Environmentally Friendly

A plastic pallet is made from recycled materials, so you can feel confident when using the bins. Plus, they can get reground into new plastic products when they’re past they’re working life.

Choose Plastic Pallet Boxes and Plastic Pallets

Choose Plastic Pallet Boxes and Plastic Pallets

If you use a pallet container frequently, you should keep plastic pallets and boxes in stock. You’ll help your customers get what they need and experience the benefits as listed above. Container Exchanger has many products to help you stay organized!