7 Benefits of Using Plastic Collapsible Bulk Containers in Your Warehouse

Plastic bulk collapsible container

With warehouse rents on the rise, you need to conserve as much space as possible in your warehouse if you want to lower your overhead expenses. Plastic bulk collapsible containers can help you do just that. They’re large enough to store some of your biggest products while helping you keep your warehouse organized to improve worker efficiency and space utilization.

Find out why you should be using these versatile storage containers in your warehouse facility.

1. Built to Last

Made with strong, durable plastic, these containers will last the test of time even as you continue to reuse them throughout your facility. They have reinforced walls that won’t fall apart or crumble over time. Unlike other storage materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bulk collapsible containers won’t rust or fall apart if they get wet, which comes in handy if you need to store products outside or ship your items across long distances. If your shipments suffer some wear and tear on the road, you don’t have to worry about your items getting damaged or your shipping containers falling apart. You won’t have to buy new containers as often, which will help you reduce your overhead expenses.

2. Reusable

Plastic collapsible bulk containers can be used over and over again without losing their ability to store or transport your goods. Cardboard boxes can easily tear or sag over time, but plastic containers will hold up for years on end. These containers will help you lower your overhead expenses by reducing the number of shipping materials you need to transport and store your goods.

3. Keep Item Safe

Plastic bulk collapsible containers are made with reinforced walls that protect your goods during shipment. If you pack your containers until they are full, using proper packing materials and avoiding placing fragile items too close together, your items won’t move around as they make their way to the destination. You won’t have to worry about your products getting damaged along the way, which improves your reputation in the industry. Your customers will be pleased to see that their goods are intact and in mint condition when they arrive.

large plastic pallet

4. Save on Space

As the name implies, these containers are completely collapsible, which means you can fold them up into a thin piece of plastic when you’re not using them. As anyone in the warehouse industry knows, goods and materials are always coming and going, so some of your containers are bound to be empty from time to time.

You can make the most of your warehouse space by collapsing these containers when they’re not in use. Just stack them up against the wall or lay them on the floor to make more room in your facility. When more products and materials come through the door, you and your team can quickly deploy these containers and put them back in rotation. To save even more space, opt for pallet containers so you can store your pallets when they’re not in use.

5. Lower Shipping Costs

Using bulk containers will also help you reduce your shipping costs by placing your items in the same container instead of spreading them out among multiple shipments. Most logistics companies charge by the weight and dimensions of the shipment. By combining everything into the same container, you can reduce the number of shipments and your overall shipping expenses.

6. Improve Worker Efficiency

When your workers are unloading and loading various transportation vehicles, it helps to condense your products in as few containers as possible. That’s why you should use plastic bulk collapsible containers whenever possible. Your employees won’t have to move as many boxes when completing routine tasks. They can load and unload goods in less time, which will help you reduce your labor expenses and increase employee satisfaction.

black plastic collapsible container

7. Versatile for All Your Storage and Transportation Needs

Plastic storage containers come in lots of shapes and sizes so you can always find the right style of container for your goods. If you’re shipping items overseas, look for containers with reinforced walls for more product protection. Storing items outdoors? Look for containers that fare well in the sunlight. Shipping food and beverages? Use food-grade bulk plastic containers.

Plastic bulk collapsible containers are a staple of any warehouse business. Incorporate these items into your business model today to reduce overhead expenses and improve workplace efficiency.