The Advantages and Many Benefits of Stacking Totes

Stacking totes are for manufacturers who need to safely store and ship specialized products. These containers are distinguished by their small size and straight walls, which are ideal for housing plastic parts and tools. Of course, large stacking totes are available, too. Large companies use these for transporting partially assembled product from one area of an assembly floor to another part for further production.

Other storage uses of stacking totes include: Storing craft and art supplies, winter clothing, gardening equipment, or car parts. In offices, stacking trays enable secretaries and accountants to keep documents and important paperwork properly organized and easily accessible.

Stacking totes also have internal dunnage and plastic dividers that keep different materials organized and safe during transport. Generally speaking, stacking trays are constructed of HDPE plastic, an incredibly durable and resilient material that allows businesses to use the totes for several years without issue. Other materials used in stacking totes are wire mesh or fiberglass mesh.

Because these totes are stacked on top of each other, they do not have lids. This lack of a lid enables manufacturers to use stackable trays to save storage space. Generally speaking, these totes are used for parts, nails, spools of wire, and other building materials

As opposed to cardboard boxes, which have a tendency of ripping, tearing, breaking, or weakening with time, polyurethane-based plastic totes retain their strength and resilience over the years, helping to save businesses considerable costs.

Additionally, stacking totes are waterproof, meaning they can be stored in damp environments or in variable climates without fear of damage. These plastic trays are also resistant to corrosive chemicals, and will not bend, rust, or decompose over time.

In terms of storage, stacking totes can be stacked on top of each other, placed on shelves, or hung from wires or rails.
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