Super Sacks are the Ideal Transportation and Storage Solution for Dry Goods


Super Sacks are the ideal transportation containers for companies that need a bulk packaging solution for their dry goods. Also known as bulk bags and FIBC bags, super sacks are made of a durable polypropylene that is flexible and reduces overall packaging costs throughout the supply chain. With lift straps on the top of the bag, handling is easy. They can be picked up with a forklift, and some of the super sacks can be emptied from the bottom. Customers can choose custom designed super sacks for their specific application or choose from a wide selection of in-stock bulk bags. Anti-static super sacks, flow-through jumbo sacks and food grade bulk sacks are just a few of the containers that are available. Most of the super sacks are recyclable, or companies can opt to resell them to increase their ROI. Often, the business who sold the super sacks will act as a broker to Bulk Bag Newresell these containers if they are in good condition and free from hazardous substances.
Some of the popular styles for super sacks include circular, u-panel and baffled. The circular designs are ideal for fine materials. With its circular construction, there are no side seams. The result is improved moisture protection and improved sift. Forklift access is also easy with its spread loop design. The u-panel designs are a popular choice for dense products. Its construction has long loops sewn into the seams and has maximum lifting capacity. With baffled super sacks, the container retains its shape both in storage and in transportation. These containers are designed to prevent the bag from expanding and allow the material to flow smoothly. A lot more product can be loaded with a baffle bag. There are also Flexi-Stack containers that are ideal for products like seed, grain or plastic resin pellets. These containers offer optimal stacking for efficient use of warehouse floor space. When fitted with support frames, the container stays rigid, and vacuum wands can efficiently remove the material. Many of these containers come with a forklift channel option that eliminates the need for a pallet.
There is a varied range of uses for super sacks. Many applications are in the food industry for products like flour, sugar, salt and more. These containers are used for the storage and transportation of powder based and bulk products. Super sacks are also used by the mining, agricultural, pharmaceutical, chemical and rubber industries. Today, there are bulk bag fillers that make filling the bags easy for industries like the construction industry. The bulk bag is manually suspended from the filler and without mixing materials. The process can be completed with just one worker. With this advance in technology, up to 60 super sacks can be filled in just one hour. There are also bulk bags that are specifically designed for the agriculture market. With ventilated tops, the agricultural products can breathe while being stored in the warehouse or being shipped. This helps prevent mold in the product. Mining industries and refractories also use super sacks for the storage and transportation of frac sand, silica, colemanite and attapulgite.