Used Pallet Racking a Smart Storage Option

If you have ever sourced new or Used Pallet Racks for your retail, manufacturing, warehouse or other facility, then you know how expensive buying or replacing pallet racking can be. There are a number of Used Pallet Racks and used racking systems out there, and selecting the right one for your company can significantly impact your bottom line. Here are some tips for purchasing Used Pallet Racks that you may find useful.
The most common type of pallet racking system is the Selective Pallet Rack System (SPRS). When sourcing this type of used pallet racking, keep in mind that there are two major sub-types; roll formed (or clip-in) and structural (bolt) systems.  Structural pallet systems tend to be capable of holding much heavier loads. However, sourcing used structural pallet racking may be more challenging because they are built into the surrounding structure, as an integral component of the building itself. Sourcing Used Roll Formed Pallet Racks provides greater flexibility because they are actually clipped into place, and easily adjust for varying height and space requirements.
Another type of used pallet racking to consider is Very Narrow Aisle (VNA). VNA configuration allows for maximum space utilization and is commonly found operating in conjunction with wire- or rail-guided materials handling systems.  Drive-in and Drive-through (aka Drive-thru) rack systems allow fork-lift trucks to access the lane, known as a bay, between the racking.  Push-back pallet rack systems focus on increasing the storage efficiency of the unit by widening the racking areas, sometimes as much as six pallets deep. This greatly reduces the size of space allocated for access bays.
If properly maintained, pallet racking systems including Cantilever and Flow Racks, can last for many years despite heavy use.  However, many companies find themselves with surplus Used Pallet Racks even though it is still in mint condition. In the past, trying to maximize return on investment upon disposing of expensive used racking has been reduced due to recent low scrap values.
Purchasing a new racking system requires a significant investment. If you are looking to reduce initial investment cost, you should consider sourcing a used racking system that suits your needs. Used pallet racking provides an excellent alternative to new racking systems as there can be substantial cost savings on initial purchase and greatly reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  This in turn provides a significant improvement to your warehousing and packaging ROI numbers, and ultimately a healthier bottom line.
Historically, buying or selling used pallet racks has been a difficult proposition for companies, however new services such as facilitate the process. Through you can immediately research quality used pallet racking systems that are available for purchase on the second-hand market, and easily arrange for delivery of your quality used racks.  Equally, if you are looking to sell some surplus used racking, you now have a simple and effective lucrative alternative. By selling your quality used racks on, you maximize possible return of your original investment versus simply getting bottom-dollar scrap value. Also, provides a secure process in a safe online environment, eliminating risks for buyers and sellers of used racking.
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